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Why Choose Height Adjustable Desk?

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Sitting for more than 8 hours per day puts you at risk of being twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who sit for less than 4 hours.

Our height adjustable sit-stand desks,allowing you to change regularly between a seated working position to a standing one with ease.Our high quality, ergonomic workstations are available for individual users through to complete contract installations.So don't just sit there-stand up for your health!

The benefits of having the option to alternate between seated or standing positions whilst working are endless. Recent studies have shown staff report that by standing just for a couple of hours throughout the day they increase productivity, feel healthier and more focused, and experience a 50% reduction in back pain.  

Standing desks are available with mechanisms which allow easy use. A height adjustable desk can be fitted with an electric motor for effortless height adjustment, or a manual crank.

In addition; “set and forget” standing desks or height adjustable standing desks which have a memory for favourite settings are popular choices. Some stand up desks can also be tilted for greater utility. Not only do rise and fall desks significantly enhance the wellbeing of people who use them, but height adjustable desks and sit stand desks have also been found to encourage enhanced productivity and output.

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