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How to choose a electric height adjustable desk?

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How to choose a electric height adjustable desk?

Electric height adjustable desk ---originated in European and American countries, in recent years with the development of China's economy, more and more people sitting office, began to be introduced into China, so that many people get a good use experience.

In the face of various brands of height adjustable desk, how should we choose to meet their daily needs, suitable for their own office height adjustable desk?

What is a height adjustable desk?A table that can adjust the height of its top is a height adjustable desk.

A scholar studying the history of furniture in the world has found that after walking upright, humans found that sitting helps to reduce fatigue in daily activities, thus the invention of sitting devices.

However, as people spend more and more time sitting in the office, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency, and people begin to try the alternating sitting and standing office, which gradually leads to the emergence of elevating desk, and the use of elevating desk and standing office has become a popular and healthy office mode.

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Type of height adjustable desk

Manual height adjustable desk: the first lifting table, mainly by hand lifting; Advantages are low price, no power consumption.

But the bad place is the need to spend some effort, to shake or press down to achieve the lifting, and relatively thin, there will be more obvious shaking in the lifting process, and even shake the object on the table. In the case of sufficient budget, the individual is not recommended to buy.

Electric standing desk: modern more popular lifting table, generally powered by electricity, motor to control the mechanical device, adjust the lifting table height, or through the compressor control air rod or liquid rod to adjust the height of the table; Advantages are small power consumption, beautiful style, solid, large lifting range; The disadvantage is that it is more expensive, but compared with the price of two or three thousand abroad, the domestic equivalent products appear cheap and good;

Desktop table: small lifting table placed on the traditional desktop, generally through the gas spring power, to achieve the lifting, not to do too much introduction;

How to choose a electric height adjustable desk?

Most people will choose electric intelligent height adjustable desk, convenient, good stability, more functions.So how do you choose?


1. The motor

After all, it is electric height adjustable desk, so the motor is a more important point, a good lifting system also determines the service life of the height adjustable desk. After all, it is to be used for a long time, and no one wants it to "retire" too early.

There is the distinction between single and double motors. Single motor is cheaper than double motor, but double motor has better stability, greater load, and more functionality. After all, you get what you pay for.

2. Desk frame

The height adjustable desk of most brands of frame structure is very stable.Select a good framework for the material, which has a great role in stability. You can also avoid small problems that occur during use, increase the use deadline so ask clear when you want to buy.

3. Desktop board

The most selective places, sometimes even pick the eye.

If you are picky about the desktop, it is suggested that you can directly buy a set of motor steel frame, many businesses will have to sell separately, choose and buy a good steel frame, you can customize your favorite desktop, or some businesses also provide customized services, you can inform the business of your needs, to see if you can customize.

If the desktop is not too demanding, you can choose the right size to buy on the line.

Table also has a difference, in terms of the common shape of the table, there are rectangular edge and rounded edge of the table, personal than the recommended rounded edge of the table, the beauty will also be relatively high at the right Angle table, but also to avoid the knock injury.

In short, we have to purchase the right height adjustable desk in accordance with your own acceptance ability.

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