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Xinxianghui visit our company

Views: 1714     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-03-01      Origin: Site

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  Xinxianghui came to our company Shaoxing Nate Drive Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and study. We showed our most sincere enthusiasm to the partners who came to Xinxiang Club. We showed our showroom to our new members and showcased our products. Our products are intelligent electric-driven office lift tables, with more than 30 different models and their accessories, including two-leg desks and three-leg desks.



  During the meeting, the chairman of our company shared with you some industry knowledge that can help you and how Nate achieved today's achievements. Later, our manager, Ms. Dong, explained the company's internal framework.

  The new sharing meeting is a very meaningful activity, which can promote mutual absorption of nutrients among enterprises, learn from each other about their own shortcomings, and learn from their own shortcomings before, and they will go further and further in the road of import and export. Getting better and better.





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