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Women's Day on March 8, 2021

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Goddess Day is a new name for women's Day on March 8 in recent years. It has become very popular among the younger generation and was originally commercial

Factors to promote and gradually popular goddess festival, now women's Day as one of the traditional festivals easy to become a form of attention by young people again, play a greater influence.

Women's Day

Women's Day

At the time of the annual goddess festival eve, we thought through the launch of some real and meaningful festival activities.

Can let the younger generation truly realize the greatness of women, be proud of women, know how to praise women, respect women.

The company prepared a feast for all female employees, including cakes, roast chicken, French fries, fruit and wine. Also prepared the knowledge question and answer, the winner can also get a beautiful prize, at the end of the activity, each female staff received a bunch of red roses!

Women's Day

Women's Day

Happy Women's Day!

Women's Day

38 Women's Days is the world's traditional festival, but this seems to have become a form, only know, March 8 is a woman's festival, send a flower is for women over the festival. This lost the true meaning of the Women's Day, so in 38 women's days arrival, to carry out some real and meaningful activities, so that we really realize the greatness of women, proud of women, know to praise women.

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