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Why do standing desk look the same and the prices vary so much?

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Why do standing desk look the same and the prices vary so much?

Standing desk (including lifting platform) is one of the tools to resolve the workplace office for a long time in foreign affairs.

It advocates that the station is sitting in the office, use physical activities, through the station, sitting in the position of the posture, preventing the small belly fat while preventing the small belly fat while preventing the soreness and efficiency of the personal spirit and efficiency.

In the spacecraft headquarters of Apple's new station, a large number of standing desks were placed. More and more companies or individuals are beginning to have a lifting table, then which kind of standing desk is suitable for you? Why is there a lot of standing desk on the market, but the price is much different?

The single-motor and dual motors of the sustainable table will result in price differences. So, what is a single motor, what is a double motor?


Technical indicators such as the lifting of the electric rises, the speed, the operation, noise, and load-bearing performance depends on the technical indicators of the motor used. Generally, the electric standing desk is highly adjusted to select an electric lifting column motor. The electric lifting column motor is a new type of electric lifting device developed to achieve a lifting of various intelligent furniture platform. It is mainly composed of an electric push rod motor and a control device, a telescopic jacket and other components. Munderst electric raises table exported to Europe and the United States, providing quality custom services. The electric lifting column motor has the characteristics of small operating noise, large scalament, smooth operation, simple installation, convenient installation, etc. The mating controller can realize an arbitrary high adjustment of electric lifting columns in the lifting position to meet smart furniture products The need to be highly free to adjust. 

Therefore, the electric lifting column motor is an electric lift-down table electric lifting driver and is also one of the critical components.

Say the motor, let's talk about things about the table legs.

Some careful friends will find that the standing desk legs are divided into 3 knots, some are divided into 2; some are thick, and some are rough. Is there a difference?

The advantage of dress is, the lower end leg column is thick, and the base is connected, and the front and rear stability is better. The overall look is more beautiful; the advantage of the flip is thick, the upper leg column is coarse, and the table frame is connected, so the stability better.


But inverted due to structural reasons, if the installation is not tight or the oil itself is not good enough, it will cause the internal preset lubrication oil drop. The surface of the table is as if it comes with oil, and it is not easy to wipe and clean it in the floor or carpet.

Understand the pour, and understand the purpose of the design of the different sections, the more the number of times, the greater the ranging range, and the number of friends is recommended, preferably 3> 2.

There is also a small tip to everyone because of the reason, many display and host connecting the cable will not grow enough, so I suggest that the host holds the host to secure the main unit to the table board, avoid cable station, can also save space.

In addition, if you are suspected of a lot of lack of unrestrained, you can consider a tube, let the line are old and old, neat and beautiful office desk and massage mats are very popular abroad, we also one brings you, everyone will choose it on demand.

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