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Why do people like to use electric standing desk to work?

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Why do people like to use electric standing desk to work?

Do you often read about people's power standing desk reviews on the Internet and wonder why people like working with power standing desk so much? What are the benefits of an electric lift table? The electric standing desk is excellent for the following reasons:

1. Improved posture and energy

People who use ordinary desks for a long time have some physical problems with back pain, which are caused by sitting for a long time. It's hard to sit in a chair for at least eight hours, hunched over, staring at a screen, and not have a bad effect on your body. Thanks to the advent of the electric standing desk, people can choose to stand up after sitting for a long time, freeing up the shoulders and waist.

2. You can easily leave the table

Before the office, everyone sat in the chair, feeling trapped, with the electric standing desk, standing colleagues, we are more willing to walk around, if suddenly remembered to do something, can easily leave the desk.


3. It might also save your eyes

As a side benefit, you'll also get a rest for your eyes. With the electric standing desk, you can stand and communicate with your co-workers, and you won't be staring at the computer screen all the time, causing dry eyes. This is the benefit of the electric standing desk, which allows you to improve work efficiency.

4. It is helpful to lose weight in cervical vertebra

In recent years, numerous studies around the world have confirmed that sitting for long periods of time can affect health. American cancer society has investigation to point out, sit for a long time everyday the lady of 6 hours above, get heart disease and cancer easily, sit less than the lady of 3 hours, the odds of premature death also above 37%, the male below same condition is 18%. More and more people accept the idea that sitting too long is bad for your health, and "standing office" is quietly emerging in Europe and the United States.

All in all, the biggest benefit of the electric standing desk is that you can "stand up and work". "Stand office" the earliest origin is German primary and secondary school, as a result of the student weight increases too fast, in the primary and secondary schools of the city such as German Hamburg, the student attends class inside special classroom every day. It is reported that the weight of children in these schools is about 2 kilograms. Standing desks are now being promoted in Germany's public sector.


Many German workers believe that standing up at work keeps them energized, makes them more focused and prevents them from dozing off. German health experts call this method "docile exercise", as long as the persistence, the effect is no less than aerobic exercise. Research shows, if the time that stands everyday is 5 hours even, "burn" 3 times that quantity of heat is sitting. Along with, standing weight loss to arthropathy, respiratory diseases, diabetes, gastric diseases and other preventive and diagnostic effects. Standing is now spreading to western and northern European countries, causing widespread concern in the Health sector of the European Union.

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