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Why do foreign offices choose lifting desks?

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Electric lifting desk is a kind of lifting desk, and it is an office equipment widely promoted and used in modern office places. The form of lifting is mainly through adjusting the height of the desktop to meet the needs of people of different heights. You can sit down and work, or stand up.


In recent years, lifting desks have rapidly spread to major cities, and various high-tech giants have competed to lead a generation of trends, sweeping various industries such as office and home design, technological creativity and so on.

The popularity of lifting desks is because people realize that sitting for a long time is really hurting! The use of lifting desks can effectively prevent spinal and cervical lesions, and can control the occurrence of obesity and diabetes. Especially for those who want to maintain a good figure, it is an indispensable tool.

At present, the types of lifting desks on the market can be divided into two types: electric lifting desks and manual lifting desks.

Electric lifting desk: 220V power supply is required to realize button electric control lifting. The more advanced electronically controlled lifting desk has functions such as height memory storage, a height restoration, and silent lifting. The electric lifting desk saves power, has a fast lifting speed, and the price is slightly higher than that of a traditional desk, but it is reasonably high and cost-effective.

Manual lifting desk: realize the lifting of the desktop by shaking or rotating the handle. The advantages are energy saving and safe to use; the disadvantages are slow lifting speed and limited lifting range. This desk is not suidesk for high-speed office environments.

For office workers, long hours of work and long meetings provide them with more pressure. In order to reduce such pressure, they can choose a more comfortable lifting desk during work. In the meeting, they also have more advanced conference desk lifting display screens. When buying this desk, they all understand it through different methods. Then make the purchase, because the size of the meeting desk used by each meeting room is different, we should customize the size.

In order to make better use of the lifting desk, some office workers will operate according to the basic operation method. For example, the lifting effect of the desk is particularly obvious, allowing more office workers to use the lifting desk.


The operating methods of different lifting desks are different. Because every office worker has a different height. When using the lifting desk, in order to avoid some accidents, we should understand the precautions for the use of the lifting desk in time.

Lifting desks, especially in the IT, finance, and maker circles in first-tier cities, are increasingly discussing standing office topics. Obviously, this has a social attribute. We also hope that through the influence of the first-tier cities, it will spread to the second-tier and third-tier cities, and the elevator desk will be "sit-stand alternately", and healthy office will be truly integrated into every real office environment.

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