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Why choose the Sit and Standing Desk?

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1. why do you want to buy an electric lifting table?

As a real office white-collar worker, my daily job is to move bricks in front of the computer all day, and sit for a whole day. At a young age, I really welcomed the sentence "When people reach middle age, they have to soak wolfberry in a thermos cup"; The most uncomfortable thing is lumbar muscle strain, the neck muscles are extremely hard, and even a "rich bag" has appeared. No wonder, when you have to, you can only do a massage and cupping and scraping to relieve the pain of the cervical spine. But the massage can only be relieved at that time, and the uncomfortable thing is still uncomfortable.

During this period, I tried lumbar support; The lumbar support is still effective; But the effect is limited, and there is no way to alleviate other injuries caused by sedentary;


Obviously, these are sedentary occupational diseases. You can have a look and see if you can sit in the right place.

Note: It is recommended to see a doctor in time if there are such problems, and the lifting table is only an auxiliary function to reduce the possibility of occurrence;

Later, I was lucky enough to go to work in Knight and get in touch with the lifting table. The biggest benefit of the company is that every office employee is equipped with his own lifting table. It's simply YYDS.

Lifting table:

Popular in Europe and the United States, especially in the it industry in Silicon Valley, there is nothing particularly magical in itself. To put it bluntly, it is a table whose height can be adjusted at will;


  • Switch between standing and sitting: whether you are sitting for a long time or standing for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable and bring all kinds of harm to your body;

  • Meet different heights: a table to solve the height difference of family members; In particular, the lifting table is equipped with three-speed height memory, one-button operation, and a family of three is just right;

  • Improve our sitting posture: in fact, we all know the benefits of sitting upright, but the height of the conventional desktop is fixed, and the adjustment of the lifting chair is limited, so we can't find a suitable height to ensure comfort;

  • Improve efficiency: sedentary is easy to get tired, and standing up properly can better concentrate;

  • Prevention of sedentary injuries: a series of injuries such as obesity, lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae, hemorrhoids and cardiovascular diseases are related to sedentary; In fact, we can also get up for ten minutes after forty-five minutes, just like when we are studying; But too often, I can't help myself, and I always forget it;

    2.the working principle of electric lifting table (simple version)


①. Lift the table on the table: (mostly lifted by pneumatic rod/spring/free hand)

Advantages: the simple version of the lifting table is light and compact, economical and environmentally friendly, and can be placed on any conventional desktop without electricity, with strong suitability;

Disadvantages: limited bearing and lifting range will make the original desktop look messy;


②. Manual lifting table: shake the handle or mechanical adjustment device.

Advantages: low price, no need for electricity, the position can be moved at will, the load bearing is not affected by the motor, and the load bearing is still very strong;

Disadvantages: the lifting is time-consuming and laborious, and the adjustment range is relatively fixed. Unlike the electric lifting table, it can be lifted stepless, and the experience is general;


3. Pneumatic and hydraulic automatic lifting table:

  • Air pressure: there is a cylinder in the table leg, which is filled with pure nitrogen, and the piston rod in the cylinder moves vertically to drive the table to lift;

  • Hydraulic pressure: the hydraulic pump is driven by manpower, and the hydraulic system drives the cylinder or piston to move vertically;

  • Features: fast lifting, hand-holding operation during lifting, slightly poor stability, common in lifting platforms;

IMG_7689 拷贝

4. Motor lifting table: the control device controls the motor to drive the push rod to move up and down;

  • Advantages: simple operation, smooth lifting, strong load bearing, matching multiple functions (high memory, sedentary reminder, anti-collision induction, etc.), and some operations such as Bluetooth and remote control, full of scientific sense;

  • Disadvantages: the price is expensive;


3. How to choose the electric lifting table?

①. Look at the price:

Below 1000, it is not recommended to consider electric; Electric lifting requires high motor and lifting system, and the maintenance cost is high in case of failure;

Below 1000 yuan: consider lifting table (table) and manual lifting table; This kind of bearing capacity is limited;

1000 yuan -2000 yuan: This range is mainly a single-motor lifting table in the domestic market, with high cost performance, but the single-motor lifting is slower, the load-bearing capacity is weaker than that of the double-motor, and the lifting stability is not as good as that of the double-motor;

More than 2000 yuan: mainly for the world of double-motor lifting tables;

②. Look at the number of motors:

The motor is the hardware core of the lifting table and the basic guarantee of stability and load-bearing; Theoretically, the more the number of motors, the stronger the stability, the smoother the lifting and the stronger the load bearing. However, considering that many technologies need to be overcome when the motors are synchronized through the screw structure, if there is a problem, the maintenance cost will be high, and at the same time, the more motors, the more noise will be obvious;

Single motor and double motor are common in the market, and in principle, double motors are the main ones with sufficient funds;

Double motors: the motors on both sides are adjusted to rise and fall at the same time through the controller, and the cost is slightly higher; The theory is applied to the 1.2m-2.1m desktop, and the vertical speed is faster, more stable, smoother and has strong bearing capacity.

Single motor: the single-sided motor works to drive the connecting rod and lift in linkage; The theory is applied to the desktop of 0.9-1.6 meters, with high cost performance;


③. Look at the number of legs on the table:

There are three sections and two sections in the market; The number of nodes affects the lifting range and stability; The performance of three quarters is better than that of two quarters;

Installation mode: forward is better than reverse;

Dress up, thick down and thin up, similar to a fishing rod; The bottom contact area is large, and the front and rear stability is better;

Reverse installation, fine bottom and thick top, large desktop contact area, better left and right stability; However, if the reverse joint is not handled well, under the influence of gravity, the interior of the table leg is easy to leak out;


④, see the lifting range/bearing:

Reasonable choice according to their own use scenarios and height (company or family, use of members, etc.);


⑤, look at the material:

Cold-rolled carbon steel plates are preferred for table legs, and carbon steel > aluminum alloy > ordinary steel; Among them, aluminum alloy is the lightest;

Desktop solid wood is superior to tempered glass and environmental protection panel (multi-layer panel > particle panel, particle panel adds more adhesive, which is easy to cause environmental problems), and some products can be customized for desktop selection; Compared with the square, the arc is more suitable for the body;

⑥. Auxiliary functions:

  • The memory height is very intimate, and it can be adjusted to a suitable height with one button, especially for family members;

  • Sedentary reminder, look at your own needs, is it worth spending a penny more;

  • Other Bluetooth, App operation and the like are not practical;

⑦. Brand:

At present, the domestic brands of lifting tables are mainly Lego, NATE, Jiechang, Kangtuo and Saitu.

Overall policy: according to the budget

  • Limited budget (below 1000 yuan): choose manual, desk table;

  • Adequate budget: double motors (less than 2000 yuan) > single motor; Three sections > two sections; Dress > reverse; Select the appropriate height range and bearing capacity as required; Cold-rolled carbon steel plate is the first choice;

Naite SR2(B)

Optional home office, cheap, single-motor electric lifting table, lifting range is 700-1140mm, using cold-rolled steel, table body spray treatment, feet with black plastic plugs, increasing the aesthetics of the shape. Can be equipped with 1.2 meters, 1.4 meters and 1.6 meters desktop board, can be designed according to their own office needs. In addition, the LCD screen is used, and the memory height reaches four grades, which will become a beautiful landscape in your home decoration design.


5. Summary

Domestic companies have a weak concept of using lifting tables, and they need to rely more on themselves;

If you need to sit and work for a long time, you can't guarantee to stand for more than 10 minutes every 45 minutes;

It is recommended to prepare a lifting table, no matter it is manual or electric, as long as it is lifted regularly, it is beneficial to your health.


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