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Why choose a lifting desk when buying a desk?

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Dr. Mike Rosemow from the British Institute of Sports Medicine said that after sitting for a long time, standing up for office work and studying, burning more calories, long-term insistence on standing for 5 days a week, accumulating 3 hours a day, is similar to running 10 marathons a year. Therefore, we should change the bad habits of sitting for a long time. Whether it is a cloud office at home or after a normal commute, appropriate activities are required.


Long-term sitting, lack of exercise, and even regular visits to the gym cannot offset the effect of excessive sitting on weight. As medical experts suggest, the key to reducing obesity is to sit less and walk more, and stand up whenever you have a chance. After all, the muscle activity involved in standing activates metabolic processes related to lipolysis.

Improve sitting posture, no longer "sitting" fatigue

If you have bought a desk, you should know that in fact, the desks on the market are generally around 70-90cm in general height, and the range of options is very limited. So you can only buy another chair that can be raised and lowered to match the desk to get your own sitting posture, but in many cases it is not ideal, because the adjustment of the chair is ultimately limited to the height of the desk.

Improve physical function and relieve sub-health

After changing to the lifting desk, the desktop is no longer restricted by height, and can be adjusted to a height that makes the user's hands, waist, and neck feel more natural and comfordesk. No longer bow your head or bend over, this is a benefit that is difficult to find before you have used the lift desk. In this regard, the author has realized that the lifting desk is helpful to improve the sitting posture.

Elevating desks obviously have multiple health benefits, but they may also help improve employee performance. Standing can promote circulation throughout the body, which not only improves energy levels, but also improves mood (reduced back, shoulder and neck pain may also be related to this). Standing can increase the blood flow to the brain, thereby enhancing cognitive ability, and can stimulate the creativity of workers.


The height of the intelligent lifting desk can be adjusted to cope with the different sitting posture requirements of different people. From a girl with a height of 1.6m to a man with a height of 1.8m, you can set the desired height according to your own situation. The lifting desk also has a height memory function, and the recorded height can be easily switched through the memory button, so that the desk is not limited to a single person, but is suidesk for a multi-person office environment.

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