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Why are there few elevator lifting desks in China?

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The popular lifting desk in Europe and America originated from the concept of "stand-sit alternate office". Lifting desks first emerged in offices in Northern Europe and North America, solving the problem of sedentary office work for professionals.

It is derived from the concept of "stand and sit alternately office", using physical activity to prevent metabolic decline and accumulation of fats while standing, sitting alternately, changing postures, and not delaying continuous work. Interrupt sedentary behavior in time, prevent back pain, prevent hemorrhoids and prostate disease, and improve personal spirit and efficiency.


Why do Chinese Internet companies rarely equip employees with lifting desks?

The first is price.

Compared to an ordinary desk, it only costs a few hundred dollars. The price of an electric lift desk is definitely more expensive than an ordinary desk. In the eyes of ordinary owners, a desk will definitely feel expensive and over budget. But in fact, for such a desk, the core component motor will have a warranty. Secondly, materials such as Baosteel's desk legs, frame silane ceramics, and environmentally friendly plates will greatly increase the service life of the desk.

Only when employees' bodies are healthier can the company's benefits be better. In addition, when employees work in such an environment, they can feel the company's humanistic care and corporate culture, and their recognition should be relatively high.

Second, the concept is second.

The concept of sedentary injury, for most Chinese people, only remains on the discomfort of the cervical spine. They feel that a little relief is almost the same. In fact, neither employees nor bosses have a deep sense of health.

In fact, the harm to the human body caused by sitting for long periods of time is not the discomfort of the cervical spine on the surface, it is a gentle chronic killer. Many diseases in the workplace are caused by sedentary sitting. In addition, sitting for a long time not only hurts the body, but also has a great impact on the work efficiency of employees, and many people have not paid much attention to this point.

Health is the guarantee of corporate profits and an invisible asset.

These are just temporary stumbling blocks for the Chinese elevator desk to enter the enterprise. In fact, based on our data and communication with corporate customers, there are more and more bosses who accept lifting desks and are willing to equip employees with lifting desks.


Not only Internet companies, but customers from all walks of life we have contacted, the confidence that we have feedback is that the desk will definitely usher in a small outbreak in the next few years, and it will become a healthy trend.

Therefore, I believe that every boss will one day nod and agree to equip every employee with a smart lifting desk. Hopefully, in your office, there will be our lifting desk.

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