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Which is better, electric lift desk or manual lift desk?

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We know that in different learning scenarios such as writing, reading, and painting, the tilt angle of the desktop suitable for children is different. From writing to painting, the tilt angle of the desktop should gradually increase. But in fact, in addition to the different tilt angles, children have different requirements for the height of the desktop in different learning scenarios, and this is rarely noticed.


Taking writing and reading as an example, the most reasonable desktop height for reading is often 5cm higher than that for writing. Although the traditional hand-cranked lift can be adjusted upwards by 5cm when reading, if you have to manually adjust it every time you finish reading the homework, it will be very cumbersome and will affect your child's learning status. After equipped with electric lift, you only need to press the remote control lightly, and everything becomes a breeze.

For families with limited space in the children's room, the electric lift desk is also a great choice. In the case of limited space, if you choose a 1.2-meter-wide study desk that can be raised and lowered by hand, although you can just put down the study desk in the room, it would be very inconvenient to get up and go to the side of the desk to adjust the height every time. If there is an electric lifting, this problem will be solved, the remote control is simple to operate, and it is easy to lift and lower.

Of course, the convenience brought by electric lifting does not stop there. On the remote control of an electric lifting desk, a height memory is generally designed. As the name implies, the buttons can record different heights respectively.

In the case of setting the height in advance, when the child needs to write, select the corresponding height memory key, and you can reach it with one key. When the child needs to read, he does not need to increase the height by himself, just select the corresponding button directly. And the remaining height is memory healthy, we can set it to a suitable height for parents, so that parents can easily use the electric lifting desk.

Next, let's take a look at the reasons why the smart electric lifting desk is worth buying, and what are the advantages compared to the hand-cranked lifting desk: convenient operation, one-key lifting and lowering freedom, and sitting and standing alternately. In comparison, the intelligent lifting desk has multiple lifting columns that support the lifting adjustment within the height range of 600-1200mm, and the lifting range is larger, which is more suidesk for children and adults.

Compared with hand-cranked desks, smart desks are designed to focus on safety issues. Smart desks place the controller on the desktop in an embedded manner to reduce the accidental damage rate. The controller with multi-level height memory settings is also made of waterproof material, which can be wiped normally by sprinkling water and refuses to be powered on during operation.

Compared with the hand-cranked lifting desk, the smart lifting desk can be equipped with a 360° free rotation and casters, which is convenient to move. At the same time, the intelligent electric lifting desk has dual motors, and the lifting is synchronized, which saves effort.


Finally, in terms of material, the electric lift desk adopts E1 grade environmental protection desk board, which is healthier and more durable than the hand-cranked lift desk.

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