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Which Is Good For The Solid Wood Desk And The Board Desk?

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In fact, solid wood desk has many environmental and quality charms in many people's eyes, but such cognition is biased. In fact, most of the solid wood office desks are mainly pine or Fraxinus mandshurica, but these two kinds of solid wood are not good in performance.

1. The density contrast plate is higher

Density represents the quality of the material, the higher the density is, the higher the hardness, the better the stability, but it is the pine wood, because it is a common tree, the density is medium, and the density of the plate is because of the high pressure of the plate, so the density is very high, a cubic volume of the board, the weight is more than a cubic pine. A lot of kitaka. Which is good for the solid wood desk and the board desk?

2. The stability plate style desk is higher

Pine has a great disadvantage, that is, it is easy to be affected by air humidity and cracking, so the ordinary pine must be painted with very thick paint to protect, but this is not environmentally friendly. And the plate with good fire and moisture resistance is composed of sawdust, and cracking will not happen.

3, the price board type of desk is more advantageous

The price of the plate office is cheaper than that of the solid wood, which is the price of every place, even pine is higher than the price of the board. The advantage of price determines the first choice of customers, plus the above two points, it can be said that the overall cost performance of plate type office is higher than that of solid wood office desk.



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