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What should be paid attention to in the use of electric lift desks?

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Nowadays, standing office with an electric lifting desk is becoming the new normal in modern offices. This is not news anymore. As people begin to realize the benefits of standing instead of sitting every day, electric lift desks are emerging in offices around the world. Electric lift desks can be a great tool to increase your health, productivity and work collaboration. But please pay attention to maintaining the correct standing and sitting posture. If you have completed all the research and decided to buy your own electric lift desk, then you should avoid the following common mistakes.


Many people have become accustomed to the belief that if you have an electric lift desk, you should stand all day long. This is not the case. Research suggests that you stand for two hours a day from the beginning, and then gradually increase to four hours a day, alternating between standing and sitting.

Even when sitting, many people's desks are not as high as they fit their bodies, but it would be strange if the height of the desk is wrong when standing.

How high should my desk be? Desktop highly recommended:

A good rule of desk posture and height when standing is to keep your elbows at an angle of no less than 90 degrees and the screen is at or below eye level. This may be different if you have trouble with regular activities or feel that your regular desk is not functioning. The monitor stand specially designed for standing desks can adjust the height of the computer monitor separately from the height of the keyboard to help you maintain the correct standing desk posture.

If you find that your feet are particularly tired when standing all day, it may be the reason why you don't have an anti-fatigue standing mat. Putting a cushion under your feet will not only provide you with the extra cushion you need to stand comfortably, but it will also encourage movement while standing.

Posture is extremely important to our health, but we rarely pay attention to it every day. Poor posture when standing may end up giving you the same back pain as when sitting. It can also cause various health problems, from general fatigue to vasoconstriction. To improve your work posture, you can:


Stand with your head back, your hips upright, and your spine curved in an "S" shape. Maintain good ergonomics: Find a good chair, use proper pelvic support, and keep your knees at 90 degrees.

Adjust the height of the monitor with your eyes. Your eyes should be 50-70 cm away from the monitor screen, and the monitor should be tilted 20 degrees. Switch to a standing position every 20-30 minutes.


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