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What should I do if the lift desk is broken and cannot be lifted?

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Some buyers of the lifting desk, after buying it back for a period of time, will cause the lifting desk to be damaged and unable to lift because of this or that problem. This is annoying for many users. Today I will give you a suggestion and hope to help you all.


Older lift desks mainly control the height of the lift desk by manually cranking the handle to drive the push rods inside the legs to move up and down. When it reaches a suitable height, stop shaking the handle and fix it.

If the desk is lifted and lowered pneumatically, there will be an operating lever on the desk, which uses the recombination of the object to control the lifting of the lifting desk. The weight of the object on the desk reaches the standard that can be raised and lowered, and then operate the joystick, raise or lower it to a suidesk position, and just lock the joystick.

If the desk is raised and lowered manually by pulleys, there will be a pulley operating rod on the side. The pulley can be controlled by the operating rod so that the pulley can move flexibly, so as to achieve the lowering of the lifting desk.

There may be three reasons why the desk can't rise:

1. The adjustment handle and the connected adjustment mechanism are broken, the adjustment handle is artificially damaged or the connected adjustment mechanism is damaged due to improper operation, or it is stuck, and needs to be checked. If it is stuck, just smooth the stuck place.

2. The air pressure rod is broken: if the air pressure rod is leaking, just replace the same air pressure rod. You can contact the seller or manufacturer, it is best not to do it yourself. If you have to pull out the chair legs upside down. There are a lot of news on the Internet that air pressure rods cause people to be injured, so it is best to find a professional person to replace the air pressure rod.

3. There needs to be heavy objects that cannot be lifted up, empty seats when rising, and load-bearing when descending. If this is the case, remember to remove the things on the desk before the desk rises!


When the user's desk is broken and he doesn't understand, the most direct way is to contact the after-sales service immediately.

When the user's desk is broken and he wants to do his own research, he can refer to the product's manual for manual maintenance. Some basic common problems and solutions are mentioned in the general manual.

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