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What’s Cool About NT33-2A2 desk series?

Views: 1289     Author: Lorraine     Publish Time: 2022-11-21      Origin: Site

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It is already automn, and couple months away from new year 2023. Nate introduces NT33-2A2 desk series. It presents how to work efficiently and organized at the same time. It puts together building block design and improves user experience to accomodate everchanging work needs. It has swift and streamlined outline. In Nate design philosophy, we believe “less is more”. So as simple as it might seen, it looks soft as a cloud that is tender. It reminds me of my mother which gives me a sense of safety.

NT33-2A2 NATE desk

Our workplace is everchanging, and so is our need. The design of NT33-2A2 is defined by integrative H-shaped desk frame with a frame height of 700-1200mm, meaning it is height adjustable. What is more impressive is its load ability with a max. Load of 1000N. Our outer leg tube is 50*80mm with anti-collision feature. Frame length is 1000-1750mm, meaning our new series is highly adaptable.

It uses movable parts to plan personal working and team collaborating spaces. This basic structure is quickly reformed to adapt user needs. So that they can redesign workplace freely and adjust product dimension flexiblely.  

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