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What issues should be considered when buying an office chair

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How to choose a high-quality office chair An ideal office chair must be planned in accordance with ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people and their bodies, office, environment, and equipment. An office chair that can fit ergonomic planning and manufacture will bring comfort to users regardless of their weight or sitting posture. More importantly, it can provide spine protection for the long-term sit-down office needs of users.


Together to help them reduce the pressure on various parts of the body, make blood circulation smooth, eliminate office fatigue and improve office efficiency. Robustness: The office chair is a long-term and frequently used office furniture.

A qualified chair can usually be used for 5 to 10 years. Unsatisfactory chairs, after a short period of use, often appear functional failures, loose screws or noise, etc., which will greatly affect the mood and office efficiency of office workers. Here is an introduction to the important components and functions of the office chair. The most important part of an office chair.

The most widespread mechanical chassis functions can be divided into: seat back tilting; seat back and cushion tilting synchronously; seat back view point adjustment; seat cushion forward tilt view point adjustment, etc.

Appropriate evaluation and consideration must be made during the acquisition, so as to choose a chair equipped with suitable functions that meets the actual office needs. The adjustment function can provide the user with proper back support, help the user maintain the correct sitting posture, and protect the user's spine from damage due to long-term office work.

The lumbar support is an indispensable planning project on the cotton-like chair back. Its function is to help the user maintain the correct sitting posture, reduce the pressure on the spine, and avoid the distortion of the spine due to poor sitting posture. Now it has been widely used in the back of office chairs.

Because of its elasticity and softness, the design of the chair back can be more prominent in the lumbar support part. But when the human body is leaning back on the back of the chair, the mesh will automatically adjust its habits, no matter what kind of body shape the user, the back of the chair can tightly support his entire back. It can be adjusted appropriately, which is equally important for an office chair.

Users of different heights can adjust the chair seat to the height they are accustomed to, so that the seat cushion can properly support their thighs, and the partner's feet can be placed flat on the ground, so that even if they sit on the chair for a long time, normal blood circulation will not be affected.

It can be rotated freely so that the user can easily change the body direction according to the desktop situation and office needs without distorting the waist. It is the best cushion material that is elastic and durable and does not deform. It is made by die casting due to its production process. Therefore, the seat cushion can be made into a shape that fits the human buttocks. In addition to supporting the weight in a balanced manner, the chair has a modern and planned appearance.


The adjustment function allows the user to adjust the armrest to its appropriate height. In this way, when the arm rests on the armrest surface, the arm can also relax and rest as a partner to reduce the pressure brought by the office. The adjustment function is gradually important for a modern office chair. The user can adjust the headrest to the proper position according to his own height and body shape, so that when he needs to recline for a short break, his head and neck will be supported in all directions, eliminating fatigue. Particular emphasis is placed on its acceptance. The key lies in the original data of the application of life parameters, which is difficult to identify from the appearance.

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