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What is the trend of furniture in 2022?

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What is the development trend of furniture in the future? From ancient times to the present, the different styles and schools presented in different historical periods of furniture development have influenced the development of modern furniture, thus indicating the future development trend of furniture. Here I sorted out four trends for your consideration.


1. The application of new materials will profoundly change the furniture industry

Throughout the development history of the furniture industry, every huge leap is inseparable from the application of new materials and craftsmanship. In the long millennium, wood, bamboo and other easy-to-process plant materials have become the main materials for making furniture. Most of the traditional furniture in the past thousand years are wooden furniture. However in modern times, steel and alloy materials have begun to enter the furniture industry, and steel-wood structures. There were many changes in the function, shape and appearance of the furniture; followed by the extensive use of polymer materials represented by PE, PVC, and ABS, which promoted the rapid development in the furniture industry, bringing about significant changes.

2. Ergonomics is widely used in the furniture industry

The demand of modern consumers' furniture consumption is changing from "available" to "useful". All furniture is ultimately used by people, and comfort will become one of the most important criteria for evaluating the quality of furniture, especially furniture that people often use such as tables, seats, and bedding, and the requirements for their comfort are more stringent. Ergonomics (or ergonomics) and furniture manufacturing are more and more closely integrated, that is, through large-scale scientific experiments, to solve the problem of furniture making people more comfortable to use, more comfortable to sit, and more comfortable to lie down.

3. Meet the needs of customers' customized furniture

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, young peopel are more selfaware than before; with the wide application of new materials, new technologies, and new processes, and the increasingly short and flat sales channels such as e-commerce, the cost of personalized furniture production. The cost of logistics and transportation continues to decrease, meeting the needs of customers for customized furniture, which has become an huge breakthrough point in the transformation of many traditional furniture companies.

4. The era of intelligent furniture is coming

Traditional furniture is a fixed structure, without a soul, thus people can only passively adapt to the existing furniture; modern furniture is increasingly incorporating ergonomic adjustment functions, people can manually adjust various indicators, making furniture more suitable for personal use ;In the near future, with the enhancement of smart chip functions and cost reduction, data transmission is becoming more and more convenient, and information receiving and processing terminals are increasing. We can foresee the imminent emergence of intelligent furniture. Process, self-regulate and actively adapt to the various needs of the owner.

With the improvement of furniture product packaging, logistics and e-commerce environment, the competition of furniture brands has expanded from regional competition to national and even global competition. If Chinese furniture industry wants to keep up with the trend, it must realize intelligence, and intelligence will become the backbone in the furniture industry in the coming years.

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