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What is the principle of the lifting desk?

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In today's era, both workers and students will have at least 8 hours or more to deal with desks every day. Therefore, the healthy use of the desk has attracted more and more attention from the general public. It is precisely because of everyone's concern about the health problems when using the desk, the lifting table is gradually being widely used. So, what is the principle of a lifting desk? Let's take a brief look together.


The principles of different types of lifting desks are actually different. For example, automatic lifting desks are mostly driven by electricity to adjust the height, while non-automatic lifting desks are adjusted manually.

No matter what type of desk, its usage principle is the same. The desktop of the lifting desk is fixed, but the legs of the desk can be retractable. When we need to adjust the height of the lifting desk, according to the different types of the lifting desk, we use buttons or hand cranks to operate the lifting desk. The legs of the lifting desk will expand and contract, and the legs will stretch when they need a higher height, and they will be shortened when they are lower.

The manual lifting desk achieves the lifting effect of the desktop mainly by shaking the handle or manually adjusting the mechanical device.

The advantage is that the price is relatively cheap, and economical and environmentally friendly. The adjustment method does not require electricity and will not be affected by clicking, and the position can be moved and placed arbitrarily.

The pneumatic lifting desk has the same advantages as the adjustable chair lift in our work, mainly through the use of nitrogen springs to achieve the lifting work when pressing the handle. The lifting speed is relatively fast, and the stability is relatively poor. In order to ensure the stability of the lifting during the lifting process, it is necessary to hold down the hands twice to operate.

Pneumatic working principle is mostly used on the lifting table/sit-stand alternate desk, which is the office supplies that are placed on the desktop for lifting.

The electric lift desk is mainly driven by electricity, and the mechanical device is controlled by the motor, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting the height of the lift desk.


It has the advantages of beautiful style and complete functions, such as Bluetooth, remote control, anti-collision induction, height memory, sedentary reminder, etc.; the operation is also relatively simple, the range of lifting is large, and the lifting is relatively flat and stable.

In short, the principle of the lifting desk is very simple, and everyone should understand it through the above introduction. The main feature of the lifting desk is that it can be raised and lowered freely, so as to better meet the needs of users of different heights and body types.

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