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What is the gap between ordinary filing cabinets and assembled filing cabinets

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Although the metal file cabinet is loved by most people with its unique advantages, there are still some shortcomings in use. The ordinary iron file cabinet is an integral structure, which is very troublesome to transport and carry, high transportation cost, and large space occupation. Therefore, with the development of technology, a detachable file cabinet that is easy to install and transport has emerged.


One aspect that many friends worry about putting metal file cabinets at home is that the metal file cabinets look too dull.

Indeed, in the past, the iron file cabinets were relatively dull gray and the like, and the aesthetics were indeed greatly discounted. But now the tin file cabinet has already become fashionable, and the mix and match of various colors has directly increased the aesthetics by several steps.

If you prefer the retro style, you can also choose the transfer iron file cabinet, which is very suitable for us to use in the office.

The movable filing cabinet is different from ordinary filing cabinets in structure and design. It has the characteristics of modern simplicity and saving transportation space, so it is very popular in the market. In addition, the assembly process of steel detachable cabinets is also very simple. It consists of left and right side panels, bottom panel, back panel, top panel and cabinet door. Each panel is fixed with screws.

When installing, you need to lay the back panel flat on the floor. Then cover the left and right side panels on the back panel, and fix the left and right sides with screws. Then place the assembled cabinet on the floor, and cover the door frames on the left and right side panels of the cabinet. Pull the panel outwards by hand until the front of the panel is flush with the side panels.

Open the door panel, put the bottom plate into the lower space of the cabinet, clip the bottom plate into the clip strips of the side and back panels of the cabinet, and take a picture.


The upper cover plate is supported on the top of the cabinet from bottom to top, and is connected and fixed by screws. The pre-placed middle occupancy board is photographed from left to right in the card strips of the upper cover and the bottom plate, and the grid plates are respectively clamped in the card strips of the left and right spaces of the cabinet.

In the wardrobe, insert the clothes hanging tube into the mounting frame, or hang the changing mirror into the mounting hole on the inner side of the door panel. The installation is completed and it is very convenient for transportation.

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