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What is the difference between domestic standing desk and imported standing desk?

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I think there is almost no difference in core functions. In addition, many foreign brands also set up factories in China, or industrial belts in China, and many domestic brands also operate internationally. Below, I will briefly talk about the motor, table leg material, table board (whether environmental protection), control panel drive system, independent research and development ability of five dimensions.


1. Motor, motor for standing desk influence is also very large, to a large extent will determine the standing desk lifting speed, service life, noise size and so on. And the number of motor standing desk also has an impact on the price of standing desk, double motor and single motor between the price difference is also very large.


Domestic standing desk quality is not poor, many domestic brands are doing export, but want to export to overseas, the quality requirements must be very strict, need to go through layers of inspection. Play a simple example, domestic standing desk exports should first be recognized by the EU exporting countries, obtain the United States UL international certificate and so on. In addition, there are many certificates, such as PSE certificate, SAA certificate, CE certificate and so on, which must be passed one by one, in order to ensure the quality of export. So the quality of domestic lifting table does not need to worry too much, unless it is to buy a niche brand.



2. Table leg material, if the motor is the soul of the electric standing desk, then the table leg as the name implies is a strong support, when doing the lifting action, the table as a whole is solid and steady, whether the smooth does not sway, which requires good table leg material support

Standing desk can be divided into two and three sections of two forms, installation is also divided into formal and flip two forms. The experiment proves that the stability of three sections is better than that of two sections, and the formal lifting column will be more beautiful.

3. Table board materials, modern people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, if home, must use baby environmental protection materials, our standing desk using E1 level environmental protection plate, formaldehyde release less than 1.5mg /L, no smell. If the panels are made of environmentally friendly materials, Then I believe that we and our families can breathe healthy while working and studying.


4. Control panel, control panel is the brain of the electric standing desk, now the market division of the motor is mostly single and double motor, double motor is able to lift the legs synchronously, accurate digital drive four legs synchronously, all built-in mechanism, human body induction.


5. Independent research and development ability, a mature brand must have independent research and development laboratory, after the product physical examination, in the function, technology, process optimization, improvement, enhance the sense of use of products, so as to pass the concept of "healthy office" to customers

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