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What is the difference between a traditional desk and a screen desk?

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What is the difference between a traditional desk and a screen desk: definition comparison First, let's look at their definitions. The screen desk refers to the desk-type office furniture designed with desktop screens; and the screen card slot is the partition and compartment office furniture mainly with the screen as the main material.


Through the comparison of their definitions, it is not difficult to find that the main body of the screen desk is actually the desk, and the main function of the desk screen designed on the desk is to decorate it beautifully. The main body of the screen card is mainly the screen. The screen occupies more than 50% of the entire furniture. The countertops of the screen lock are also fixed with the frame of the aluminum alloy screen, and the screen of the screen lock is directly connected to the ground, which is also an important part of fixing the entire furniture. 

Screen desks are becoming more and more popular, especially in small and medium-sized office areas such as two-person, four-person, and six-person offices. The reason is that the small, exquisite, beautiful and durable characteristics of the screen of the screen desk have caused the resonance of our modern aesthetics.

In fact, the screen desk also has the function of saving space. Generally speaking, the screen desk adopts a rectangular table top shape. The length specifications are more than 1400mm, 1600mm, and the width of the table is more than 600mm, 700mm, and 800mm. We can choose the length and width specifications according to our actual office space, office needs and other reasons.

The desktop screens of screen desks are generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, plastic plate, glass, aluminum alloy and other materials. There are many length options, 1000mm, 800mm, 700mm are common, and the width is generally 300mm, 200mm more.

In addition, the screen desk is also very convenient for the office's neat and beautiful, simple and stylish shape is also a major feature of it. The disadvantage is that the individual's sense of spatial independence is not strong enough, and the sense of privacy of company team members is not good.

Advantages and disadvantages of office screen card slots Office screen card slots are generally composed of screens, countertops, tripods and other accessories. The screens are separated from the ground to divide the office space.


So we call it a card slot or partition or compartment. More than 90% of the current screen card positions are made of aluminum alloy as the frame, which is sturdy, durable and beautiful, making it a favorite.

Through the introduction, we found that the screen card slot has the characteristics of a very large selection of specifications and colorful colors. At the same time, the personal space privacy of office members is also very strong. In terms of saving office space, the screen card slot is also a good choice. The screen card is very popular, so the overall personality is weaker.

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