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What is the difference between a lifting desk and a normal desk?

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You need to use the desk everywhere in your life, when you eat, when you are in class, when you put on makeup, and so on. So, the current lifting desk is very popular. What is the difference between this lifting desk and the ordinary desk we use? Next, I will answer one or two in detail for you.


Everyone knows that ordinary tables are made of wood, plastic and so on. When you buy these tables, you have to consider the size and height of the table. The folding function is not great. The most important point is that if you want to sit comfortably, you have to go with a chair. Because the height of the table cannot be changed, the adjustment can only be achieved by changing the height of the chair, which is not very flexible and slightly rigid.

However, the lifting table handles this aspect very well. Knight is a professional manufacturer of intelligent office supplies, which facilitates the majority of people and brings a sense of quality and advancement to our lives. What is the difference between this lifting desk and ordinary desks?

First of all, the height of the lifting desks can be changed, and the height can be adjusted according to the individual's situation to achieve a practical and convenient function. Its intelligence is even more enjoyable. The electric control height adjustment avoids the inaccuracy and troublesome drawbacks of manual manual adjustment. It integrates electronic technology into the table and experiences the advanced feeling.

It also has a memory function, which can store the height that the user needs. The next time you use it, you don't need to adjust it again, you can just click the memory function to return to the state you previously set. This is the reason why the lifting desk is so popular, because its advantages occupy the desk market, so it is the choice of more friends, such as use in office, children's learning, etc.

The materials used in the lift tables are all painted steel frames, while some ordinary tables are made of wooden materials, which are not as durable as steel frames. And now steel and wood tables have become a trend and people's common preference. This is the difference in material between lifting desks and ordinary desks.

The lifting desk can be raised and lowered freely during use, and adjusted to different heights, which solves the threat to health caused by sitting for a long time in office life and improves work efficiency. But ordinary desks can't do this. This is the difference in health between lift desks and ordinary desks.


Compared with ordinary desks, the lifting desk has the advantage that it is more popular with people in its newest trends, and it has gradually become the best choice for people who pursue health. It is also a tool for the company to enhance its image. The price is not much different from that of ordinary desks.

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