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What is LEED?

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Started from 2003, LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating System) is a tool for evaluating buildings that is approved by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) .

It is currently considered to be the most complete and influential evaluation standard among all kinds of building environmental protection assessment, construction and detected sustainability assessment standards around the world.

Today, it has become the leader in worldwide global market access and accreditation system. What's more, it has become a worldwide global market accreditation system with varying recognitions.

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LEED Purpose: To effectively reduce negative environmental and occupant impacts in design.

LEED purpose: To standardize a complete and accurate green building concept to prevent excessive greening of buildings. LEED is aimed at project groups who are willing to stay ahead of the market and adopt green building technologies early.

Authorized organization: The "Green Building Assessment System" established and implemented by the US Green Building Council is currently considered to be the most complete and influential among various building environmental assessment, green building assessment and building sustainability assessment standards in various countries around the world. evaluation criteria.

As a non-profit third-party organization, USGBC in the United States conducts all certification and auditing operations by a world-renowned independent third-party organization.

LEED green building rating and related

LEED certified buildings are divided into four levels according to their corresponding system scores. Platinum level is the highest level of LEED green building certification. For example, Beijing IFC, Chengdu IFS, Shanghai Century Commerce Plaza project, etc., have obtained LEED platinum level certification.

LEED in China

As of March 2010, more than 14,000 projects have been assessed in 30 countries worldwide. Among them, more than 300 projects have applied for LEED certification in China, and a total of 43 projects have been certified. China is one of the most enthusiastic countries for LEED certification.

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