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What is Ergonomics?

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Whether it is home life, indoor office, travel, etc., ergonomics are almost everywhere, and have a certain impact on our life and work, and are closely related to "comfort".

Will there be such a thing in life, that you spend half an hour with a lot of effort, and your colleague can easily get it done in 15 minutes. Don't worry, if you master the ingenious application of human mechanics, you can easily deal with it and achieve more with less effort. Body mechanics is a discipline that uses the principles of mechanics to study maintaining and mastering the balance of the body and how the body is effectively coordinated when the human body changes from one posture to another. The correct posture is conducive to maintaining the normal physiological function of the human body, avoiding muscle fatigue and tension, and only consuming less energy to exert greater work efficiency.

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So here comes the next question: What is ergonomics? How does ergonomics affect user experience? How to make ergonomics better serve each user?  First of all, ergonomics is the application of the research methods of anthropometry, human mechanics, labor physiology, labor psychology and other disciplines to study the structural and functional characteristics of the human body, and provide the dimensions, human body structure characteristic parameters such as weight, body surface area, specific gravity, center of gravity, and the relationship and the reach of each part of the human body during activities; also provide the output range of each part of the human body, and the habit of movement and other human body function characteristic parameters, analyze the human body. The functional characteristics of sensory organs such as vision, hearing, touch and skin sense; analyze the physiological changes, energy consumption, fatigue mechanism of people during various labors, and people's adaptability to various labor loads; Factors of state and the influence of psychological factors on work efficiency.

In layman's terms, it is the basis for the size of various furniture used in our daily life and work. A simple understanding is the standard size of a furniture.

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