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What are the pros and cons of using a lifting desk?

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The lifting desk is an upgrade of the traditional desk and a general trend of healthy office. In developed countries in Europe and America, desks are almost standard equipment for enterprises, because it is a fact that sitting for a long time hurts the body.


The use of the lifting desk is a major upgrade to the traditional desk, and it is also a standard configuration for a healthy living and green office. In Europe and the United States, the desk has become the standing office equipment of some large companies. Before buying an elevator table, everyone will be curious, what are the pros and cons of using an listing desk?

1. The advantages of using a lifting table

Good for health

Sitting for a long time does harm to the body, not just cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis, it is a gentle chronic killer, from head to toe, from the inside to the outside, infringing on health. The lifting desk is to alleviate health damage through posture changes and dynamic office methods during the sedentary process. Therefore, the biggest advantage of the desk is to protect the health of office workers and keep the body away from sedentary injuries.

Lifting desks promote ergonomics

Office workers sitting in front of the computer for 1 hour can raise the desk, switch the standing office posture, stand up to work, promote blood circulation throughout the body, release cervical and lumbar spine pressure, and relieve physical discomfort; stand for a certain period of time, then lower the desk, choose Sitting office, sitting and standing alternately, complete dynamic office. Such a dynamic office can largely offset the physical damage caused by sitting for a long time. The body is relaxed and the brain is more active. To a certain extent, it can also promote the work efficiency of the company's employees.

Reduce business costs

The sedentary population has a particularly high risk of illness. Once it is classified as an occupational disease, corporate health costs will increase. The lifting desk can change the “bad habits” that can't afford to sit for a long time and help employees develop healthy office habits. From a long-term perspective, it can help reduce corporate health costs.


2. Disadvantages of Lifting Desk


The price of single and double columns is relatively high, and its main lifting depends on the electric lifting system. The quality of the lifting system determines its service life. Since the lifting system is a mature industry, choosing a high-quality lifting desk manufacturer will generally not have quality problems.

Maintenance costs are expensive. Although the lifting desks must be guaranteed, there is no need to worry about this issue for a few years, but there is always a time limit. If this product with relatively high technical requirements is damaged, the maintenance cost is believed to be a lot.

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