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What are the advantages of the monitor stand

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Computers are inseparable from our lives, and our work, study, and life are inseparable from computers. Especially at work, many office workers are not very good at cervical and lumbar spine. Over a long period of time, the overwork became ill, incurable, and very painful.


Using the monitor stand, although it cannot treat cervical spondylosis, it can play a role in prevention and relief. Let's talk about the benefits of using a monitor stand!

1. Save space

The area of the stand base is much smaller than that of a normal computer base, so the space under the monitor can also be used to save desktop space.

2. Freely retractable

You can zoom in and out as you like, and finally you can adjust the position of the monitor with the comfort of people.

3. The Gospel of Tall People

I often see some people pad a book under the monitor base, and with it, they can hover freely and comfortably.

4. Free spin

360° free rotation, free switching between horizontal and vertical screens.

5. Head up angle

The head-up angle of the stand can reach 50°, making it easier to operate whether you are sitting or standing.

6. Head down angle

The head can be lowered up to 35°, and it is easy to operate when lying down.

7. The line is not messy

The video cable and power cable can be hidden in the lead box of the support, clean and tidy, no longer messy.

In addition, for many graphics users, video editing users, and even flying game enthusiasts, multi-screen display can achieve larger viewing angles, more convenient video editing operations, and more intuitive image comparison. At this time, by increasing the number of robotic arms and changing the angle, the use of multiple displays in parallel can be easily achieved.

The bracket provides multiple installation methods such as table side clips, perforated clips, and wall hangings. Relatively perforated and wall-mounted, it not only ensures sufficient stability, but also can be easily disassembled and moved. Can adapt to most desktop thicknesses. The installation of the robotic arm is also extremely simple, as long as one end of the robotic arm is directly inserted into the metal cylinder on the base of the support. The display can be moved arbitrarily by rotating and lifting. And the number of robotic arms can be arbitrarily increased according to demand.


The addition of a bracket makes the use of liquid crystal displays diversified, so that the liquid crystal can play its biggest role. The stand can be easily disassembled and moved, and it can also be adapted to most desktop thicknesses.

The comfort that the brace brings to our work and entertainment can only be experienced by those who have used it. In addition, it can relieve the fatigue of the cervical and lumbar spine, making our work and entertainment more arbitrary.

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