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What are the advantages of employee desks of different shapes?

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There are various styles and shapes of employee desks, each with its own characteristics. Different shapes of employee desks have their own advantages and are suitable for different office spaces.


Advantages of L-shaped employee desks

There are many ways to place the L-shaped desk, which can be arranged in various shapes through permutation and combination. The four can be placed together in a cross shape, and the two positions can be placed in a T shape against the wall, such as a font and an F shape. It can be said that the entire office space can be more fully utilized.

Compared with the straight desk, the L-shaped desk has a larger desktop range, which can better satisfy the employees' freedom to place items at will and office needs. Putting some small green potted plants and some decorative objects in the free space of the desktop can not only increase the beauty of the office, but the green plants also have the function of anti-radiation.

Advantages of a straight desk

1. Straight desks will make the office more compact and dense, and make better use of the space. Coupled with the sharing of office equipment, you can save more costs from the company's perspective.

2. For employees, the office space shaped by the straight desk makes people's visual space wider. It can not only shorten the distance between people, promote communication and cooperation between people, but also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve their work efficiency.

The advantages of a special-shaped desk

1. Heterosexual workstations are not suitable for long and narrow offices. They are placed in a combination of six functions in a long and narrow office, or combined with straight work stations.

Compared with the straight work station, it not only occupies more space, but also is not particularly beautiful. On the contrary, Y-shaped workstations are particularly suitable for open and relatively large offices. The Y-shaped station is used in a relatively open space, and it saves more area than the straight-line station and the L-shaped station with the same number of digits.


2. In terms of the nature of the employees, which people are suitable for 120°Y-type workstations? This type of workstation has a combination of 3 positions, 6 positions and 9 positions, showing a semicircular shape, which can make the communication between employees closer. Therefore, it is especially suitable for teams that need open communication, especially companies that have developed with the Internet, and generally have relatively high requirements for openness. And this kind of work station usually has a screen, and the use of the screen can keep a certain degree of privacy between the employees.

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