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What are the advantages of a TV on the wall

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Although TV is not a necessity for many families nowadays, many people will choose to project or simply not want it, but for most families, TV will still be installed.


But where exactly is the TV? How to put it right? Let's talk today~

TV on the wall

When it comes to the way of placing TVs, most people should have heard of wall-mounted TVs. So what is the "magic" of wall-mounted TVs for everyone to choose? Let's take a look together.

Increase safety

According to statistics, 70% of injuries to children under the age of 12 are caused by the overturning of the TV.

With the popularity of flat-panel TVs, the weight and appearance of TVs are thinner and lighter than the bulky TVs in the past, and they are more prone to tipping accidents. Therefore, if the TV is hung on the wall and fixed, the safety will be greatly improved.

Save space

Hanging the TV on the wall is not only safer and more attractive, but also saves the space of the TV cabinet. Or just make the whole wall storage, leave a space in the middle to hang up the TV.

Make the space more beautiful

Some people say that there is no place for the cable of the wall-mounted TV. Doesn't that affect the appearance? wrong! It is more beautiful to hide the pipeline in the wall. When decorating, you only need to plan the pipeline in advance behind the TV wall, and embed the PVC threading pipe in advance. It is simply a gospel to save patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and make the home tidy and beautiful.

Life needs a sense of freshness, and our living room cannot be static. Moving the sofa and moving the TV from time to time can really make the living room feel completely new. If you hang the TV on the wall, you can't do this.

The TV is placed on the TV cabinet, leaving a certain gap between the TV and the wall. The TV will dissipate heat more easily. The wall-mounted type is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine, which will affect the service life of the TV.

After the TV has been used for a long time, dust is inevitable. It is very convenient to clean and maintain it on the cabinet. Unlike on the wall, there are some dead corners that cannot be cleaned.

The final version is to hide the TV and put it out when you want to watch it, and put it away when you don't want to watch it to make the living room more integrated.


Nowadays, TV has gradually bid farewell to the attributes of ornaments and focuses more on functionality. The TV can be "hidden" when not in use. This design method not only saves space, but also prevents dust from falling off the TV, facilitates cleaning and maintenance, and can effectively extend the life of the TV.

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