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What are the advantages and disadvantages of office cabinets

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File storage cabinets, metal file cabinets, working file cabinets Features:



1. Suitable for the storage of A4 and A5 paper documents, forms, bills, catalogs, stationery, etc. in factories and studios;


2. It is colorfully marked for processing, and the drawer is equipped with a color card. There are four colors to choose from, which can indicate the titles of documents and materials stored in the drawer.


3. Anti-sliding plan to ensure that when the drawer is pulled out, it can prevent documents and materials from falling and forming material disorder. There are many kinds of file cabinet and cabinet door planning, and there are different cabinet door planning requirements according to different needs. Common types include door type, sliding type, sliding door, rolling shutter type, doorless type and so on.

Door style: This kind of simple planning is also the most common style of file cabinet door planning, consisting of handles, hinges, and locks. The advantage of this door is that it can benefit the space of the file cabinet to a greater extent, is easy to maintain, and is also very convenient to fetch, and it saves materials.

The defect is because the cabinet door plan takes up more space. For example, when the cabinet is located in the aisle or in a narrow space, other work activities will be affected when the cabinet door is opened to fetch objects. The rated space occupied by the door body must be considered when planning. And if the gravity is not handled properly, the cabinet may tilt forward.

Sliding door: The main feature of this plan is that it no longer takes up other space, and the lock is easy to operate and very simple.

The defect is because the two-phase cabinet doors overlap. When one door is opened, the other door also occupies the space in the cabinet, which is inconvenient for access to the items in the cabinet.

Because the overlapping doors take up more space in the cabinet, the partitions are relatively narrower. Therefore, if it does not affect the placement of objects in the space, it is best to plan a larger scale than the general door cabinet.

Roll-up type: This kind of door design absorbs the shortcomings of the above two types of doors. Basically opening the door can get "maximum vision and convenient retrieval".


Generally, the roller shutter can be opened to see the placement of the items in the cabinet, and the roller shutter itself is exquisitely made, with many colors to choose from, fashionable and high-end.

The defect is: because the roller shutter structure is relatively messy, if the roller shutter quality is not good, the maintenance is very inconvenient. The roller shutter itself is in need of hidden planning, and generally takes up a relatively large area of actual space in the cabinet.

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