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What Are the Benefits of A Standing Desk?

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What Are the Benefits of A Standing Desk?

The evolution of human beings has experienced from walking on four limbs to walking upright. Through the investigation of the development history of furniture in the world by researchers, it is found that sitting down is conducive to reducing fatigue in daily activities after walking upright, so the seat was invented. This way of sitting work has been passed down. However, as people sit and work for longer and longer, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. People begin to try to sit and stand alternately, and gradually the standing desk appears. The use of height adjustable desk for “standing office” has become a popular and healthy way of office.

Standing desk elevators are divided into manual and electric. The manual elevator is a lifting mode with the rotation of the central handle. The central lifting column is made of aluminum alloy and a variety of wood grain plate materials, which are three or four sections. The electric elevator is driven by electricity and integrates two lifting modes at the same time. One is wireless remote control and the other is switch lifting. The height of both manual and electric elevators is freely adjustable.


Using a standing desk is good for health. The standing desk is mainly designed for long-term sedentary work. In practical experience, the lifting advantage of the standing desk for the desktop is very obvious. Compared with the traditional desk, the standing desk improves the office environment to a higher level. Sedentary, the harm to the body, not just cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, it is a gentle chronic killer, from head to foot, from inside to outside, against health. The standing desk is used to alleviate health damage through posture change and dynamic office mode in the process of sedentary. The biggest advantage of the standing is to protect the health of office workers and keep the body away from sedentary injuries.

Using the standing desk can improve our work efficiency. Office workers sit in front of the computer for 1 hour. They can raise the desk, switch the standing office posture. Furthermore, standing up and working promote the blood circulation of the whole body, release the pressure of cervical spine and lumbar spine, and alleviate physical discomfort. Standing for a certain period of time, then lowering the desk, choosing sitting office, sitting and standing alternately can promote their own blood circulation and complete dynamic office. Such dynamic office can offset the harm of sedentary to the body to a great extent. The body is relaxed, the brain is more active, and alleviate their fatigue and discomfort, which can make their attention more focused and work more attentively, so as to complete their work more efficiently.

The use of standing desks in the office environment can improve the office quality and attract talents for the company. In addition to benefits, the office environment has become one of the important soft conditions for a company to attract talents. Comfortable, healthy, pleasant and relaxed office environment can let employees release their body and mind and devote themselves to work.


The use of standing desk can reduce the cost of enterprises. Sedentary people have a particularly high risk of illness. Once they are considered as occupational diseases, the enterprise's health cost investment will increase. The standing desk can change the "bad habit" of sedentary office, help employees develop healthy office habits, and help reduce the enterprise's health cost investment in the long run.

Whether it is sedentary office or standing office for a long time, it has a bad physiological impact on the human body. Only sitting and standing alternate office is the most scientific and healthy office mode. Sitting and standing alternate office will guide a great change in healthy office.

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