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What Are The Requirements For The Placement Of Desks (1)

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1. The environment around the seats should be tidy:

Office and home, like, must have a clean environment, a good environment in order to make the atmosphere around smooth, but also to have good fortune and career luck, foul gas and evil spirit will harm people. Therefore, if you find that there are litter piles around the seat, garbage cans, or incoming and outgoing lines are not smooth, you should clean up the environment, you can also put some green plants in the original position of the garbage cans to transform the gas field, the effect is good.

2. No pressure beam or chandelier above the seat:

Feng Shui Master Liu Yerong reminds you that if you sit under the crossbeam or chandelier for a long time, you will be disturbed by the downward pressure of the air, easily restless, dizzy and make mistakes, which will also damage your health, make people work under pressure, be blamed by your superiors, hurt by petty people, and even cervical pain, which will hinder the development of your career. Therefore, if the desk is just under the beam or chandelier, special attention should be paid to it. If the head is pressed, the desk should be moved away immediately.

3. The wrong seat is at the door:

The gate is an office's air inlet and outlet, so the convection of air field is the most vigorous. Besides the front desk, if the seat is right in front of the gate, it will be affected by the air field, and the thoughts will become more confused, and the mood will be more unstable. In addition, Feng Shui Master Liu Coconut Rong reminds you that your seat is facing the gate. You can move it aside. If you can't move it, you can use a screen or a data cabinet to block it in front of your seat.

4. There are no big electrical appliances around the seats.

With the development of modern science and technology, a variety of electrical and electronic products bring many conveniences to life, such as air conditioning, television, computer, etc. But these electrical appliances will produce strong electromagnetic wave and field wave in the process of using, which have a great impact on people's health and thinking. We should try our best to avoid getting too close. Not to be surrounded by large electrical appliances such as computers, photocopiers, fax machines and air conditioners.

5. Seats without backdoor:

If the desk is placed close to the door, people sit behind the door, which is the first basic point to avoid when the desk is placed. The door is the necessary place for people to enter, the air of the office, and also the place to accept air, including anger and despair. Feng Shui Master Liu Yerong reminds you that if you sit with your back to the door, there is no reliance behind your seat, and there are people coming and going behind you. For a long time, office workers sitting here will often be in a subconscious state of tension. Sometimes they always feel as if someone is peeping, leading to confusion of thoughts and easy access to work. Small people, easy to live right and wrong, etc. The first way to solve this problem is to adjust the position of the desk to a position that is not sitting on the back door, or to choose a chair with a high back to sit on, so that the back not only has a back, but also can resist the impact of impurities.

6. There must be a backing hill behind it:

It is better to rely on the wall behind the desk, because there are many landlords and nobles, strong support, stable behavior and sufficient follow-up force; if the seat is empty, it will often form a lack of strength, uncertainty, weak body, noble person is not obvious, personnel stability is insufficient, and even seriously affect the company's foothold space. If the back of the seat is not a wall, then we should try to configure a fixed table, low cabinet as a dependence.

7. Open your seat in front of you.

The front of the desk should be open, not forced, so that the company's future will be open. If facing the wall, the future will be like being blocked by the wall, and luck will not unfold.

8. Seat without mirror illumination:

Modern buildings often use glass curtain walls as external facades, which is prone to light pollution, which is also the most severe light brake, irradiated office workers will have many unfortunate things, and even lead to the disaster of blood and light. Feng Shui Master Liu Yerong reminds you that if your office seat is illuminated by a mirror, over time you will find that you often suffer from dizziness, confusion, poor sleep and other problems, so when you are often illuminated by a big mirror, it is better to avoid it.

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