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What Are The Kinds Of Office Chairs And Their Advantages And Disadvantages?

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Different kinds of office chairs have different advantages and disadvantages, and there will be some differences in their application scope. Therefore, the customer must pay attention to how to use the office chair when choosing the office chair, and what kind of office chair is suitable to use, otherwise not only spend a lot of money, but the seat is not suitable for yourself at last, so it will inevitably bring a lot of trouble to yourself.

What are the kinds of office chairs and their advantages and disadvantages?

1, work chair: mainly suitable for a number of production workshops, the composition of the seat is relatively simple, mainly mesh cloth or anti static material production, use is not very comfortable, but the price is very cheap.

2, staff chair: this office chair is mainly used in general office environment, is also the most common in the office, the most common seat, the advantage of the seat is relatively small volume, space small space, so it can be placed in a lot of office, and will not occupy too large. But the effect may not be very comfortable, and the time of sitting will feel soft, but most companies may not think so much in order to save money.

3, middle class chair: the size of the middle class chair is relatively large, the area is also larger, but the number of use in the office is not a lot, mainly the use of some management staff, modeling relatively air, the price is also a little higher. The effect is relatively good, but there will also be some physical discomfort when it's used for a long time.

4, big class chair: the big class chair is also known as the boss chair, the shape of the atmosphere, calm and grade, mostly solid wood and cortico, very comfortable, and not easy to feel tired. But the price is also the highest in many kinds of office chairs.

According to the kind of office chair you need to purchase, and the use of the environment, the use of personnel and other aspects of the choice of seats, in order to buy more suitable office seat.



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