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What Are The Advantages Of Selecting Board Type Office Furniture For Enterprises?

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What are the advantages of selecting board type office furniture for enterprises? We should know that the board type office furniture is a kind of office furniture which is often used by modern enterprises. It is mainly to use wood residue and artificial fast forest as a kind of raw material. Its style is beautiful, and the price is relatively reasonable. It is very popular with the customers. So what are the advantages of the board type office furniture?

What are the advantages of selecting board type office furniture for enterprises?

1, the main raw material of panel furniture is artificial board, mainly using wood residues, artificial fast-growing and High-yielding forests as raw materials.

2. The powerful manufacturers choose a medium board called the log nanowires. When the plate is formed, the international leading high temperature pat technology is used, and the nano physical properties of the wood fiber under high temperature and high pressure are used in a moment to avoid the use of the resin catalyst (containing formaldehyde), so that the plate is environmentally friendly. Grade and physical properties are better than solid wood furniture.

3. The combination of plate furniture parts is usually connected by various metal hardware. It is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. The furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times, and it is convenient for transportation.

4, because of various veneers, changes in color and texture can give people different feelings. There are many changes in the shape design, so we can make the shape that cannot be finished by solid wood. It has individuality.

5, because plate breaks the original physical structure of wood, so when the humidity changes a lot, the deformation of artificial board is much smaller than that of solid wood. Therefore, the quality of wood based panel furniture is more stable than that of solid wood furniture.

6, from the price point of view, the utilization rate of artificial board is high, so the price is cheaper than natural wood. Moreover, artificial wood boards basically use wood's corner materials, which virtually protect the limited natural resources.

The above is the advantages of the plate type office furniture, some of the advantages of the introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the plate type office furniture, when the enterprise in the purchase of office furniture, the first should be considered from the cost, the price ratio of the board type office furniture is relatively high, at the same time, the style is also a variety, the dismantling is also a comparison. It is convenient and I hope you will be able to pay attention to it.



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