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Two-day tour of Anji, Huzhou, built by Nate Group

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What is the most suitable project for going out in hot summer? Of course it's drifting!

On the morning of 7.22, all the staff of Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd., under the guidance of the tour guide, took three buses and went to Anji, Huzhou with expectation and excitement.


Because of getting up early, everyone is sleepy in the car. Fortunately, after more than three hours' drive, we arrived at the deep stream drifting base in bamboo mountain.

Summer is really a good time to play with water. Just watching the long queue shows how lively the scenic spot is. Everyone wears safety swimsuits and helmets. After a long queue, they can finally get into the water. The moment you sit in a kayak, your fate is in your own hands. Whether you can go down or be stranded, it depends on your own hands. Every time a dangerous slope comes, the sense of drop is still quite big. In a gentle place, no matter what you know or don't know, there is a water fight. It's really a heart-warming thing to splash a cold stream on your body.

In this way, after more than an hour of ups and downs, the pleasant drifting journey was completed.


The next day, the guide took us to the Hidden Dragon Hundred Waterfalls. It is said that there are 100 waterfalls, large and small, which is named after it. It is necessary to climb a mountain to see the waterfall. Fortunately, there are green trees on both sides, and the water vapor of the waterfall is so cool.


Some insisted on climbing to the top of the mountain, some only climbed halfway up the mountain, and some simply took beautiful photos and had nothing to do with the beautiful scenery above, so they were a beautiful scenic line.


After enjoying a delicious lunch, everyone finally went home. Maybe I was tired from climbing the mountain, and everyone in the car slept soundly.

League building is an effective way for newcomers to quickly integrate into the team and for team members to deeply identify with corporate culture. The same frequency can lead to the same flow, and the same flow can communicate, communicate and communicate with each other to form a team. We look forward to our next trip.

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