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Try these tricks to get rid of children’s dependence on TV

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Now the first thing many children do after school is to run home all the way, turn on the TV as fast as possible, and find their favorite cartoons. It takes only two or three hours to watch them. It doesn't matter how parents persuade them.

Some children even have to sit in front of the TV while eating, watching TV while eating. The habits are very bad. Many parents have expressed helplessness, but do not know how to improve their children's habit of indulging in watching TV.


Children watch TV for a long time, which is very harmful to the eyes. Parents can use the following methods to guide them slowly.

Increase outdoor time

If you want to reduce your children's TV watching time, you can first reduce the children's time at home. When they come home, the children think about TV. Parents can take their children more time outdoors to enrich their children's outdoor sports.

You can take your children to parks, playgrounds or playing football, basketball and other sports that children love to play. Play with your child more, and the child is attracted by interesting activities, which diverts attention from TV and reduces dependence on TV. You can exercise without watching TV.

Reasonably arrange TV watching time

It is almost impossible for a child to stop relying on TV immediately. Parents can plan the time for their children to watch TV, and make reasonable arrangements every day according to the learning situation.

For example, you can watch 30 minutes of TV after finishing your homework, and you can't watch it uncontrollably, so you can establish a concept of time for your child. As time goes by, children will become accustomed to this kind of time arrangement, and their dependence on TV will gradually decrease, which will help children get rid of their dependence on TV.

Accompany your children to watch useful programs

Many TV children like to watch are some cartoons, and they may learn the bad habits in it. Parents must pay attention to the content that their children watch. When time permits, parents can accompany their children to watch some useful TV programs.

For example, programs such as the animal world, scientific and natural knowledge, and knowledge competition can not only improve children's love for nature and animals, but also promote children's thinking ability. Many children have learned a lot of knowledge that is not in the textbooks in these TV shows, which is very beneficial to children's cognition.


Wanting children to reduce their dependence on TV is a gradual process. Parents must be patient and cannot use coercive means, otherwise it is likely to cause negative effects.

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