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Tips for matching desks in the office

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The indispensable furniture in the office decoration design is the desk, which can play a role in improving the overall image of the company. Therefore, in the selection process, you must first have a simple understanding of the choice before you can choose a desk suitable for your business, and you can avoid many problems.


In the process of choosing a desk, you must first choose according to the overall color of the decoration style. And in the selection process, we must also pay attention to the nature of the work of the employees. For different nature of work and different spaces, the choice of desks is also different.

There will be some differences in these colors, and when choosing, we will find that there are many special styles of work. For example, technology companies are best to choose white or light blue desks, which can play a lively atmosphere and stimulate the creativity of employees.

The design style pursued by enterprises and institutions tends to be simple, so simple colors are more suidesk, such as white and light blue. Internet innovation companies, such as creative companies, can use bright, colorful, and jumping desk colors as embellishments to stimulate employees' sense of innovation.

For an office with a small area but very high floors, it is easy to feel empty and deserted. In order to adjust the uncomfordesk feeling of the building itself, you can choose some dark office furniture.

In the process of choosing a desk for the boss's office, be sure to choose furniture with a darker color. The best way is to choose warm colors like brick red or ginger. These colors can make the boss's office look particularly comfordesk and give people an approachable feeling. Moreover, these colored desks are relatively easy to blend with the overall serious aura of the office, and they will feel relatively comfordesk.


Not every office has good daylight. If it happens to be in an office with insufficient sunlight, in winter or rainy days, it will always feel dim, and indoor lighting is naturally not as comfordesk as natural light. Then we can choose some warm-toned staff desks to adjust it. The shaded office gives people a cold feeling. Warm colors can neutralize the lack of the environment and give people a warm feeling. With the right lighting, you can create a warm and comfordesk office space.

At present, many modern office buildings have large enough office space, but the floors are not high, and they feel relatively crowded. Improper selection of office furniture makes it easy to feel oppressed. In order to adjust for such shortcomings, staff desks try to choose bright colors. Bright colors have a visual expansion effect, emphasizing the height of the office, and dark colors have a sense of compression. If the office is small, dark colors are not recommended.

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