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Tiancheng 21 wolf molar exchange meeting

Views: 1563     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-03-01      Origin: Site

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  The 21st Wolf Molar Exchange Conference of Tiancheng was held in Nat Drive Technology Co., Ltd. The Wolf Molar Conference is a team leadership course similar to an MBA. We can learn a lot about how to build a cohesive team and how to be a cohesive team and how to be a management professional.





The wolf molar training camp team has a special instructor to teach and communicate with Knight Drive. The company also has many small partners participating in it. Regular participation in the exchange meeting can effectively improve the company's leadership, the team's business level, and the team's collaboration ability.

Welcome the Langmoya team and mentor to come to Nate Drive next time to communicate and share, we will learn the core spirit of the Langmoya team: ""Build the embankment before the flood, and the jackal will sharpen the knife in the future"".



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