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The working principle of the lifting chair

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Chairs are very common in our daily lives, not only in every household, but also in our workplaces, as well as in large shopping malls and other places. Due to differences in the heights and statures of the groups using chairs, people will have differences in the height of the chairs, so nowadays, lifting chairs are used in many places. So, what is the principle of the lifting chair? Let's take a look together.


The lifting chair is a new type of chair. The main components are a seat plate, a backrest, a bracket, a bracket rocker, a lifting positioning device and a chair leg. In the lifting device of the lifting chair, there is a pneumatic rod with liquid and gas as the working medium, which can play the role of angle adjustment, height adjustment, support, buffering and braking.

The basic principle of the chair lift is that its interior is filled with enough high-pressure nitrogen, and the piston is equipped with holes, when the gas pressure acts, the air pressure rod will generate elastic force. When someone sits down, pressure will be generated inside, and the lifting shaft will drop gently at a uniform speed. When there is no pressure on the lifting shaft, it will rise back to the highest point.

When the valve switch is pressed, the person is sitting, that is, to the lifting axis pressure, the lifting axis decreases gently, and the speed is uniform, which can be lowered. If there is no one on the chair, or if it does not give the chair, then the raised axis immediately returns to the highest point, the speed is slightly, less than a second.

When the valve switch is not pressed or pressed in the middle, the lifting axis remains in the current position, compression, and stretching cannot move it relative to the outer sleeve.

The lifting chair is a common-purpose swing chair that controls the seat cushion by the air pressure rod. The seat cushion, the air pressure rod and the runner 3 are part. There is a cylinder in the air pressure rod, and the piston rod in the cylinder is lifted up and down. Filled in the air pressure rod is nitrogen. The principle of the air pressure chair is like a balloon that has not been an explosion, and the internal accumulation is increased during extrusion, and it may explode when the critical point is exceeded.


When we buy a chair, we should choose a regular furniture brand product. Buy products with qualified markers, do not buy inferior goods cheap. Buy a lifting chair, first look at the plastic floor of the rotary chair is not confident, then slide back and floors, the rotent chair is more flexible, and there will be no tilt.

Do not rotate repeatedly when in use. After using a period of time, it should be checked. Once the crack, the signs are discovered, the replacement should be repaired in time.

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