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The sweet birthday party

Views: 6     Author: Corrine     Publish Time: 2022-06-25      Origin: Site

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What is it like to have a handsome boss? Not only is he handsome in appearance, he is also a senior fitness enthusiast. Due to years of fitness, he has maintained a good figure and has enviable eight-pack abs. He still thought he was a locomotive enthusiast, having driven across the desert.


In the workplace, he is gentle, humble, diligent and persistent in his studies. From nothing, he created Nate Drive. From one person to a group of people, we all get together, share weal and woe, and grow together.

On Friday, we celebrated our boss's birthday early. When we greeted the boss at the door with flowers in hand, he was surprised and moved.

All the way to the activity room, there was a bigger surprise in front of him. There was a group of people who were having grand birthday party together, which must be both unexpected and touching. We made games, cut the cake at the end, and took pictures together. It fully shows that Nate is a big loving family.


In the future, no matter when and where, we will be your most loyal partner. We believe: one family, one goal, one heart, working together, the future can be expected.


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