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The pros and cons of watching TV coexist

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First, master the time and content of children watching TV. The pros and cons of watching TV coexist. Watching too much TV without restraint can also damage eyesight, waste time, and affect children's learning and health.


Therefore, as a parent, you should help your children maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses, that is, they must correctly guide their children to watch TV and help them grasp the time and content of TV. It is a time limit. TV broadcasts last a long time every night. Parents should not allow their children to develop the habit of seeing what time, but should control the time they spend watching TV.

Preschool-age children can watch TV for no more than one hour each time, and school-age children should watch TV for about one and a half hours. Middle school students can relax their time appropriately by viewing the TV content, but they should not affect their studies.

Children's self-control ability is continuously enhanced with age. Therefore, for younger children, parents' restrictions and requirements should be clearer, and necessary reminders and urges should be given. At the same time, parents should pay attention to the distance between the eyes and the screen when the child is watching TV. Generally, the distance between the eyes and the screen should be kept 2~3 meters, and they should not lie down and watch. Otherwise, it is likely to affect vision.

The second is to pay attention to the choice of TV content. The content of TV programs is rich in news, literature and art, drama, economy, technology, movie stories, TV series, animation world, etc., with numerous columns and all-encompassing. However, not every column and every content is suitable for children to watch. Parents must not let their children see everything without choice, but should make the necessary choices.

As children grow older, the content to choose from becomes more abundant. Domestic and foreign news, world news, children's programs, sports programs, and programs involving the history, culture, and geography of the motherland, etc., can be opened to them. Junior and high school students can watch more programs, but their spare time is limited, and parents can help them choose content.

It can be seen that as their knowledge continues to expand, high school students have acquired a certain degree of appreciation. But this does not mean that parents can let it go. You should discuss and evaluate with your children, and continue to improve your children's ability to distinguish right from wrong.


When choosing TV content for their children, parents should adhere to this principle: it must be in line with the age characteristics of the child, so that the child can understand and love it. We must focus on positive content that is rich in educational significance, can broaden our horizons, expand our knowledge, and cultivate our sentiments. The younger you are, the more guidance and control you have to give, and gradually let go to achieve friend-like discussions and exchange views.

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