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The desk screen is great for a small figure!

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Many friends think that the desk screen is useless, but there is an extra screen board on the desk, which is no different from ordinary office furniture. Don't underestimate the small screen board on the desk. The small figure has a big effect.

1. Changes in the desktop layout

General desks are straight-through, and the desk is not fixed, which is an advantage. But if it is a connector for multi-person office, this advantage is also a disadvantage. First of all, there is no standard scale, and everyone's items are arranged irregularly, which will look messy. Sometimes you may even find your belongings in the place of a colleague next to you.

The screen board is like the dividing line on the desk when we go to school, it can divide the proportion of each person's desk. In this way, everyone has a fixed tabletop range, so that you can arrange things neatly in your own area, not to worry about things being picked up by mistake.


2. Spatial differentiation of work positions

There is no partition area, although it is very convenient for everyone to communicate. But in this way, the range of personal working positions is not standardized, and the coordinates of each person are not referenced, and the overall look is uneven, which will affect the neatness of the overall environment.

3. Provision of privacy

No matter what the job is, as long as it is done on the desk, there is a time to think. At this time, no one wants to be disturbed, and a desk with a screen can provide good privacy, which can effectively reduce external interference, so that you can calm down and think about your work.

4. Visual satisfaction

Straight desks do not seem to be aesthetically pleasing to me, while screen desks are not. The screen can be colored and patterned or in different shapes. Even a piece of glass looks very clear and clean. In addition to its basic functions, the screen is also an ornament on the desk, which can make the desk look more fashionable and modern.

The above is the function of the desk screen board. Do you feel surprised? I didn't expect a small screen board to be so useful. A small screen board brings us a different working experience.

For the team, how to allocate fixed office staff and mobile office staff, functional teams and project teams is also a headache in the company. What kind of desk is suitable for what kind of team? How does the team solve work problems in an open office environment? How to deal with the dispersion, reorganization, and increase of staff between teams more easily?


This gives the screen desk the opportunity to display, whether it is single or multi-person, you can combine the screen into an L-shaped work station or an H-shaped work station according to the number of people in the team and according to your favorite style. It meets different office models and is rich in combination. It can not only reflect the individuality of the team, but also solve the problem of mobility and collaboration between members of the team.

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