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The benefits of a standing office

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The benefits of a standing office

More and more white-collar workers have gained good health after the material spirit, while the lifting table is specially created for people. The biggest feature of the lifting table is that it can stand the office, and what benefits can be brought to us?


1. Stand reducing weight increases and obese risks

In fact, relative to the afternoon of the sedentary work, the stone isometric time has been proved to burn 170 extra calories. In the working process of daily, the proper and fixed time can be burned to burn nearly 1000 calories. This increase in heat consumption is undoubtedly better helping office staff to get rid of the disease, prevent metabolic diseases.


2. Use the standing desk to lower blood sugar levels

In general, the higher the blood sugar level after meals, the greater the impact on health. This is especially true for people with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. In a small study for 10 office workers, the standing time after lunch is compared to the sitting, the blood sugar soaring rate is reduced by 43% of the researchers take the same condition to stand the site effect, indicating The difference is due to standing instead of the extra sports in the office. This series of comparative tests can help explain why excessive sedentary can lead to 112% of the 2 diabetes risks.

3. Standing can reduce the risk of heart disease

In 1953, he proposed the idea of standing to heart health. A study found that maintaining a job, a heart disease. Since then, scientists have discovered in depth research, which is more than 147% of the risk of heart disease than standing for the office. Scientific research shows that the more time you are sitting, the greater the risk of heart disease.

4. Stand-up office can reduce back pain

In order to determine if the stand-oriented office can improve this, some studies have conducted some research studies on the employees of long-term back pain show that the standing desk can significantly reduce the chronic back pain caused by a long time.


5. Stand-style works help to improve emotions and energy levels

In a 7-week study, the participant of the stand-alone desk shows that their pressure and fatigue are lower than those who keep sitting across the business day. In addition, 87% of people who use stand-alone desk reports significantly increased throughout day vitality and work efficiency. After returning to the original ordinary desk, the overall emotions returned to the original level.

6. Standing desk can even improve productivity

Common questions about standing tables is that they hinder daily tasks, such as typing. In a statistical study of the staff of 60 young office employees, it has no impact on the character or typing error entered per minute in 4 hours a day. Considering that standing can improve emotions and work efficiency, use stand-alone works more likely to increase productivity without bringing negative impact.

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