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The New Nate, The New Office.

Views: 6     Author: Corrine     Publish Time: 2022-05-14      Origin: Site

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   2022.5.7, Nate moved to the new office. Although there is only a few hundred meters of moving distance, everything starts from a new beginning, from the heart.

NATE desk

   We moved up from the office on the third floor to the seventh floor, and we could see Nate's logo from a distance. It looks so grand and grand.

   The company also equips all employees with a unified and healthy lift table, so that employees can work healthily and effectively. This is the perk of working in a lift desk company.


  Adhering to the vision of becoming a corporate benchmark in the field of healthy office, we fully devote ourselves to the cause of health and make healthy office more professional.

Let's Get Active
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