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The Future Development Trend of Office Space

Views: 8     Author: Lorraine     Publish Time: 2022-10-28      Origin: Site

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It was predicted in the last century that with the rising of the Internet, office space would gradually disappear. As the internet can instantly connect any two locations, space becomes irrelevant and people will no longer need office for one simple reason: why we would go to the office when work runs to you?

However, in today's tech world, although the network can realize instant communication on a global scale and people can work from home, most people still go to the office every day for work.  An increasing number of companies are paying attention to the office environment. The design of office space is also becoming more diverse and open, so that people gradually realize that work is not just to make a living, but an important dynamic of life. So not much office space is disappearing, but actually new office space is being born.

The transformation of office space is very obvious. From the extremely popular cubicle, it has gradually become increasingly humanized, open, intelligent and healthy. The core purpose of dynamic and flexible office space is to maximize the value of the space for employees, provided a high-quality, high-satisfaction work environment.


Work has become a way of life, just as wework's slogan said: “ Make A Life, Not A Living.” We should be alive, not just making a living. Especially the post-80s and post-90s, who are the mainstream work group, yearn for a fresher and more amusing work environment. This requires the designer to take into account every detail carefully.  For example, reasonable functional office area planning, ergonomics, environmental psychology, aesthetic psychology, etc. that meet the needs of human work, and in-depth understanding of the physiological characteristics, behavioral psychology and visual perception of the office crowd can meet basic needs and which could later be reasonably applied to the office environment. The ultimate purpose of office space is to serve people, as it is people-oriented, and attaches importance to people's physical and mental health. Environmental sustainability is what you should keep in mind when designing office space in the whole process.

The layout of office space is becoming more and more humanized and diversified. From the previous closed office to an open office, the design of functional areas pays more attention to personal health and growth. The proportion of open areas, entertainment areas and rest areas is greatly increasing. The emergence of more and more multi-functional areas such as booths, beds, gyms, and telephone booths has gradually replaced stereotyped workplaces of traditional offices. People can decide their working hours, whether they want to work continuously or go to the gym for a workout. They can also freely choose the working environment, whether to concentrate in a quiet environment or work and chat in an open environment, which is pretty flexible.

In addition, from the perspective of office furniture, people concerns much about ergonomics. Human-scale office desks and chairs make people sit comfortably, write convenient, safe and reliable, and reduce fatigue. When redesigning cabinets and racks that belong to storage functions, attention will also be paid to whether they are convenient for people to access. Putting the human factor in the first place at all times is the key trend of the gradual humanization in the office space.

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