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Technology has brought the standing office

Views: 2745     Author: WENDY     Publish Time: 2021-11-19      Origin: Site

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With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, touch technology and other cutting-edge technologies is closely related to our lives. Accordingly, office workers are also moving with the mobile Internet. Office, no longer need to sit in front of a fixed computer and desk all day long! A new office space allows you to communicate with colleagues face to face with mobile Internet tools, think alone in the rest room, or even stand up to work...


Standing office has become a popular trend, representing a new way of working. Back in 2011, facebook introduced standing desks, with more than 200 employees opting for "standing desks" that allow them to adjust the height of their desks. Standing isn't about standing all the way, it's about supporting different work modes. A desk that can rise and fall solves this problem, allowing users to switch working modes by adjusting the height of the table.



Godaddy, with the open spirit of Silicon Valley, not only designs the office area close to nature, but also sets leisure and entertainment facilities in the room. In order to make employees work more comfortably, it also provides standing desks and advocates standing office.


From the perspective of the future working mode, the standing desk will gradually replace the ordinary desk and become the ideal office standard.

Intelligent standing desk advantages

Innovative technology, intelligent design, and a sense of the future


Environmental protection material, energy-saving mode, adhere to the concept of green and health


One key control, height adjustment, to achieve standing and sitting alternate office

Standing desk can also reduce business costs


On July 30, 2019, the Office of healthy China Action Committee held a press conference and listed cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, low back pain, hyperosteogenic bone and sciatica as "diseases that should be prevented by individual workers".



Sun Xin, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said these are not legal occupational diseases, but they are all related to occupational activities, and he believes they may be listed as such in the future.


These diseases, sedentary people have a particularly high risk of disease, once accepted as occupational disease, enterprise health costs will increase, and lifting desk, can change the office "bad habits" can not afford to sit, help employees develop healthy office habits, in the long run, can help reduce enterprise health costs.


Once the idea of alternate sitting and standing becomes common and the spread of standing desks, more office workers will benefit.

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