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TV placement in different decoration styles

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Since the development of communication technology, televisions in the family have also been connected to the Internet. Many videos and games that could only be watched on computers before can also be carried on TV. Therefore, in the nearly one hundred years since the appearance of TV sets, they have always been indispensable electrical appliances in the family. Moreover, because of its advancing with the times, it has not been eliminated by the historical trend, on the contrary, it appears to be more comfortable in the long river of technological progress.


As a kind of household appliances, TV placement is often a troublesome topic.

In the past, our home TVs were relatively bloated and did not conform to people's aesthetic concepts. Now our TVs have always evolved in the direction of ultra-thin and ultra-large. One purpose of this is to hang the TV on the wall to save space. The second is that in the state of networking, the functions of the TV are amplified to the limit. Nowadays, color and high-definition are the basic requirements for TV. Various online games and networking applications are gradually occupying the mainstream.

The evolutionary direction of the ultra-thin and ultra-long TVs, the overall structure of our houses and the decoration styles often produce differences. Many friends will encounter such a choice, which is whether the TV is hung on the wall or placed on the TV cabinet?

First, the TV has evolved to be thin and long, and the stability of the TV itself is the primary factor we must consider. If it is hung on the wall, it can be fixed in one place because it needs to be punched on the wall, and the stability is better. However, if the TV cabinet is used, the TV is susceptible to external forces, resulting in poor stability.

Second, the evolution direction of the TV itself is to allow us to have more family space, which will develop towards the ultra-thin direction. The use of TV cabinets to place TVs is contradictory to the direction of TV evolution itself. And it will take up a lot of space. For families whose living room is not big enough, it is not suitable to consider using a TV cabinet.

Third, because many functions of the TV require a network connection to be used. Therefore, there will be more wires connected to the TV, and it can be hidden behind the TV when hung on the wall, and the look and feel will be much cleaner. With the TV cabinet, all kinds of wires will be placed directly on the counter, which will affect the appearance. If there are children in the family, they will worry about the curiosity of the children and the safety index is not high enough.

Fourth, from the perspective of ease of movement, the use of TV cabinets will be more mobile, and it will be more convenient when decorating or remodeling. The TV on the wall is a little troublesome to move due to its fixed characteristics, and after moving, the traces left on the wall also need to be concealed.


Generally speaking, both hanging a TV on the wall and using a TV cabinet to place the TV have their own advantages. From the perspective of safety performance, a wall-mounted TV will be better than a TV cabinet, and from the perspective of home decoration and modification storage, the TV cabinet will be more suitable. Therefore, when you buy a TV, you can do more comparisons, and the best is the one that suits you.

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