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Standing desk is a big trend in healthy office

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Standing desk is a big trend in healthy office


Standing desk, is an upgrade of traditional desk, is the general trend of healthy office. In Developed countries in Europe and the United States, the standing desk is almost standard enterprise, because sitting is a fact.


Standing desk to change sedentary office posture, good health


The traditional desk, unregulated, determines the inflexibility of the office posture. Sitting at your desk for long periods of time has become the "standard" position -- sedentary. It is said that sitting is comfortable, but sitting for a long time becomes a burden.


Sedentary, the harm to the body, it is cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease not only, it is gentle chronic killer, from head to foot, by inside and outside, encroach on health.


Most famously, Apple CEO Tim Cook once said, "Sitting is a new cancer." Apple's new office building advocates alternate sitting and standing dynamic working for employees accompanied by adjustable desks.



Standing desk is not the best solution for sitting injuries. Exercise is.


Doctors suggest sitting for about an hour in front of a computer, and standing up or walking around for 8-10 minutes to offset the damage to the body. However, this measure is not suitable for most offices and businesses. Frequent standing up and walking will affect efficiency.


If you can't undo the damage by "exercising" at the office, you might as well hit the gym after a long day of sitting.


Standing desk, is in the long sitting process, through the change of posture, dynamic office mode, to alleviate health damage.


Therefore, the biggest advantage of lifting table, is reflected, is to protect the health of office staff, let the body away from sedentary injury.


Standing desk promotes efficiency


Computer apes, new media practitioners, government departments, financial industry and other people sitting in front of the computer for 1 hour, can raise the desk, switch the standing office posture, stand up to work, promote the whole body blood circulation, release cervical vertebra, lumbar pressure, relieve physical discomfort; Standing office for a certain period of time, then lower the desk, choose sitting office, sit and stand alternately to complete the dynamic office.


This kind of dynamic work can largely offset the harmful effects of sitting for too long. Body relaxed, brain more active, to a certain extent, can also promote the work efficiency of enterprise employees.



The attraction of the best


In addition to welfare benefits, office environment becomes one of the important soft conditions for attracting talents.


Comfortable, healthy, pleasant and relaxed office environment can let employees release their body and mind and devote themselves to work. Standing desk is a part of the office environment, big healthy products into the office space, to create an ergonomic office environment, a good working environment, is an important part of the corporate culture, but also reflects the company's values, can attract and retain excellent talents.


Once the standing desk began to be widely used, it would be beneficial to office staff without harm

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