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Some places that need to be paid attention to after the office and chair are installed

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Office desks and chairs must be carefully inspected after the manufacturer's installation is completed, this is to ensure that some unreasonable places are discovered in time. And the damage that may occur during the installation process, and the functionality of the office desk and chair must be inspected to see if it can be used normally, so what should be paid attention to?


1. Check the integrity of the exposed face

Office desks and chairs are inevitably moved, pushed and pulled during the installation process, so whether there will be bumps and frictions during this process, which will cause damage to the surface of the office furniture, this is to be determined. If there is, it is better to confirm the attribution of responsibility as soon as possible. If you can fix it, you can fix it, and you can change as soon as possible.

2. Check the usability of the functional part

Each type of office furniture has its own functions. After installation, these functions should be tried out one by one, including drawers, cabinet doors, pulleys, lifting systems, wire slots, keys, handles, etc. These are the key points to ensure that the office desk and chair can be used normally. If there is any problem, let the factory personnel debug or modify it on the spot.

3. Check the stability of the placement

Fixed office furniture such as desks and file cabinets must be in smooth contact with the ground without shaking. If the shaking is caused by uneven ground, the installer must be padded to make the desk and chair stable. If the instability is caused by the loose connection or the structure, it is directly required to repair or replace with a new product.

4. Find out what needs to be changed in time

Under normal circumstances, the installation of office desks and chairs is carried out according to the pre-set drawings. After the office furniture is actually placed, there may be some differences with the previously preset effect. At this time, because there will be a more intuitive visual sense at the scene, and some better assembly methods will be produced, it is necessary to communicate with the installer to make immediate changes on the scene.


Office furniture is an important part of the office, so you must know a lot about the purchase and installation of office furniture. Of course, if you cannot install it yourself, you can also let a professional master come to install it, which requires a certain installation cost.

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