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Should TV wall design be symmetrical?

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The living room is the key space of home decoration, and the TV wall is also a place with a higher weight in the living room decoration. After all, our daily home entertainment, entertaining guests and other activities are carried out in the living room space.


When sitting on the sofa in the living room, the general line of sight is also concentrated on the TV wall. Therefore, before decorating the TV wall, an atmospheric design plan must be made first, so that the line of sight is more advanced. Today, we will talk about the symmetrical design of the TV wall.

Symmetrical design is a relatively mature aesthetic concept. Whether it is artwork, architectural design, or interior design, this concept can be introduced to achieve a beautiful and atmospheric design effect.

In most cases, the TV wall is a background wall with a large area. In the basic decoration of the TV wall, a symmetrical shape can be made, and a symmetrical design effect can be made on the ground.

In addition to the shape, the material of the TV wall can also achieve a more refined and advanced symmetry effect through clever design processing. Use uniform materials at both ends of the TV wall to make the space more elegant and advanced.

The symmetrical design of the TV wall, including the processing of finished TV cabinets and customized cabinets, can be made into a symmetrical layout design, making the space appear practical and beautiful.

The ornaments on both sides of the TV wall can also be arranged symmetrically if conditions permit, making the space more exquisite and interesting.

Complete the symmetrical TV wall design. When designing, take the TV as the center, and the shapes on both sides and the design layer by layer, echoing left and right, in order to achieve a more comprehensively symmetrical design of the TV wall.

When the symmetrical design has to be discarded in order to balance the use of space and the overall effect, design methods such as asymmetric filling and triangular relationships can also be used to make the TV wall more beautiful.

In the overall blank design of the TV wall, in order to avoid the "big and empty" visual sense, some filling (hanging ornaments, clocks, etc.) can be added to the blank wall to make the space more rich and fulfilling.

The triangle is also a relatively stable design shape. When designing the TV wall, this principle can also be used to make the entire TV wall arranged in a triangular design. Although it is not symmetrical, it can also bring a more stable design effect.

When furniture needs to be arranged next to the TV wall, it is more difficult to achieve a symmetrical relationship. When the furniture is arranged in this way, the furniture and the TV can be kept on a plane of similar height, avoiding the "top-heavy" visual sense.


The symmetrical design of the TV wall is a relatively advanced approach; however, it is even more difficult to design an asymmetrical TV wall. In summary, when the TV wall area is large, it is recommended to make a symmetrical design, and when the TV wall area is small, it is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions.

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