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Seven Trends of Future Office Environment Development

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The importance of the office environment is that it is not only a window to show the corporate image and corporate culture, but also an environment that employees must get along with eight hours a day. Sometimes it is even more important for employees than the home environment. A good office environment can improve employees' sense of comfort and belonging, improve employees' work efficiency, and even emphasize the role of the office environment in stimulating creativity and improving collaboration.


1. The mobile office environment makes the working mode more free

At present, we are experiencing an era when desktop computers are eliminated and notebooks are taken over. At the same time, in the future, tablet will also become necessary for office. In addition, meetings, travel and working at home will promote the mobile development of office equipment, and then shape people's mobile office mode. Finally, a mobile office environment is necessary. In the future, you will have no exclusive office space, but you will have nowhere to work.

2. The intelligent office environment makes the work simpler and more efficient

With the rapid development of science and technology, the office environment will become more and more intelligent. Iris recognition access control, intelligent cleaning machine, automatic watering machine, intelligent air conditioning and even AR technology will also enter the office field. Most obviously, the traditional "three treasures of conference" - projector, whiteboard and marker will be replaced by the intelligent conference tablet represented by DaVinci Da Vinci, which integrates the functions of computer, projector, curtain, whiteboard, audio and remote video conference system.

3. The living office environment improves employees' sense of belonging

In recent years, the canteen treatment of Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other technology giants has been exposed on the Internet and triggered an upsurge of public opinion. In the future, the organization and management mode of "empowerment" will make life and work have no boundaries, "life is work, work is life" will become the norm, and the office environment of enterprises will become more and more life-oriented.

4. Interesting office environment, alleviate boredom and stimulate creativity

In the future, "creativity" will receive more and more attention in addition to "science and technology", and the cultural and creative industry will be prosperous. In addition, the post-90s, post-00s and even post-10s who place more emphasis on freedom and personality will enter the workplace and become the backbone of enterprises. In this way, an office environment that can meet personalized needs and stimulate creative purposes has become necessary.

5. Promote a collaborative office environment and enhance team cohesion and collaboration

In the future, the empowerment of the organization and the flattening of management make it unnecessary to clearly separate the highly vertical organizational structure and the non humanization under the strict division of labor. The ability of cross domain, cross professional and cross-cultural team cooperation will be paid more and more attention. This puts forward new requirements for the design of office space: improving the cooperation of office environment.


6. Personalized office environment, meet personality and improve team cohesion

The personalized office environment meets the individual needs of some employees, such as the mother and baby room, which provides convenience for some female employees. In addition, the personalized unique office space and team area. The enterprise will leave a certain personalized demand space for individuals and teams, and can freely show their unique needs, personality and creativity, so as to promote the diversification within the enterprise and cultivate the creativity of employees.

7. Wireless extended office space

The future office space will be from closed to open, from indoor to outdoor, from centralized to decentralized. In the future, the small team business of giant enterprises and the industrial alliance of small and micro enterprises will promote more joint office space. At the same time, the infrastructure improvement and landscaping of the outdoor environment have created conditions for the extension of the enterprise's office space to the outdoors. Internet and Internet of things technologies make distributed office possible. Airports, high-speed railway stations, cars and private houses will become an extension of office space.

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